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November 5th, 2016 by Me2You

Also known as the “name squeeze page” or “lead capture page”, you can build your mailing list by funneling all of your would-be subscribers through the creation of a landing page. Not only do you do the work just once, your traffic driving efforts can be focused onto just one effective method.

The following are tips in creating a successful landing page that converts visitors into subscribers on a very huge percentage.

Success Tip 1: Offer a freebie in exchange for your visitor’s email address. I very much endorse this method of building your mailing list. You can offer a special report or a sample of your paid product to your visitor in exchange for their details such as name and email address.

Success Tip 2: The landing page must be written professionally. When writing your page, treat it as if you are writing a sales letter. While you are not necessarily making a hard sale or try to get someone to buy your product upfront, being able to entice your visitors to give their details to you is just as important as selling.

Success Tip 3: Other than your opt-in form and perhaps important disclaimers and terms, there shouldn’t be any other links on your landing page.

Success Tip 4: Rub in the benefits of the freebie you are offering more than a mere subscription to your newsletter. You should focus most of the attention of the letter on encouraging your prospective visitor to download your free offer. Later, you gently remind your prospect that he or she has nothing to pay but just merely subscribe to your newsletter in exchange for the freebie.

As a final reminder and conclusion, in order to build trust, you can include your hand-written signature or a photo of yourself explaining where you are coming from and how you can help your visitor through your free report on offer.

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November 4th, 2016 by Me2You

Conscious creation means living naturally within our universal framework in a way that that supports all creation. Why would you be interested in attaining this kind of mindset? The reason behind it is to break all those barriers of past limiting beliefs about what you can and cannot do and to reach towards achieving goals that previously may have been thought of as impossible. In other words, it is a way to master creating your own reality, rather than having it deemed by an outside force. Creating your own reality is not only very doable, but also very powerful.

While it’s rather easy to define conscious creation, really comprehending it and practicing it might take a bit more work. If you’ve been used to dealing with what you’ve been given, rather than creating your own circumstances, you will need to do a complete overhaul on your attitude. This is not to be confused with switching from a negative to a positive attitude. You can be adept at dealing what is thrown at you with a positive attitude. And while that is a good quality that definitely has served you well, it is not quite the same thing. You are now striving to create your own circumstances, not just react to those that you have found yourself in. Many of us have been conditioned to accept that events happen outside of ourselves and are influenced by good or bad luck, fate and other people. This assumption is easier in a way and also very limiting to your personal growth and prosperity.

When you decide to switch over to the more responsible way of thinking, realizing that only you yourself have complete control of your life, you can build a strong base of thoughts which allows you to completely change your present situation should you want to do that. Which brings up the other difficulty. . . although many of us believe we want to change our current circumstances, often we are afraid to do so because we are stepping outside of our comfort zone and what we are used to. Overcoming that fear to break some boundaries is all part of your new mindset.

When and if you do decide to take credit for your own life, you will definitely be going against the grain of modern society and the media. The news, newspapers and television are constantly bombarding us with “proof” of how powerless and defenseless we all are. It’s extremely easy to become a victim in today’s society if that’s what you choose.

Conscious creation allows you to look at your life through different lenses, to experience your life as the driver and not the passenger. This may be a new concept for you but the instant you start to apply it, you will start to see a difference in your life. Then you go from there.

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November 1st, 2016 by Me2You

In the Internet business world today, WordPress marketing is the most widely used software. The popular belief is that WordPress can only be used as a blogging platform, however this is wrong and WordPress can be used for just about any type of site that you want to create. WordPress marketing can also be used to create an Affiliate marketing page. There is a very simple method in which you can set up a static front page using WordPress software. First you would need to log in to your Administration Dashboard.

Once you have logged in to the administration dashboard, the following steps will help to create a WordPress Static page.

1. Go to the page section within your admin dashboard and create a new page. You will name the new page “Home.” You can name the page anything that you want, for this example, I have named it “home.” This page will become your new WordPress static page. Make sure that you

give this page the page order of zero.

2. Now you will need to create another empty page like you did in the first step. Only this time, name the page whatever you want as you did in the first step. Remember to give your new page an order number such as ninety seven. If the theme that you are using allows for the creation of page templates you will be allowed to create a page layout now. Most of your templates will go into the default blog styling.

3. The final step when creating a static WordPress home page is to go into your settings tab within the administration dashboard and activate your new pages by clicking “reading.” Then at the very top of the page you will have the ability to choose a static page. Once that is done, you will go to the front page and select your title of which you have named your home page during the first step. The final step is to select the posts page and choose a title for your posts page. If you have done the steps correctly you will have a WordPress static page as the front page for your website. Your posts will now appear on the posts page. When you use a static WordPress front page you have the ability to update your site frequently and it will allow you to have a higher rank in the search engines. The higher you are in the search engines the more traffic and visitors to your site. WordPress is a powerful tool that allows any business owner on the internet to have the site that they choose, whether it be a blog or a full blown website.

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October 31st, 2016 by Me2You

WordPress marketing is the most widely used software in the internet business world today. Against popular belief that WordPress is just for blogging you have the ability to use WordPress for just about any site that you wish to create. You can also use WordPress Marketing for your Affiliate Marketing page. Here is a simple method for you to set up a static front page in WordPress.

To begin you will need to log into your Admin Dashboard page. After you have logged in just follow these simple steps to create your WordPress Static page.

1. Now you will need to go to the page section of your admin and create an empty page which you will name “Home”. This is the most logical name but you have the ability to name it just about anything you wish. This will now be your new static WordPress page. It is really important that you give this page a page order of zero.

2. Now you will need to create another empty page just like you did before but this time you will name this page any name that you wish to use like you did in the previous step. You will also need to remember to give this page a page order number such as ninety nine. If the template on your site allows you to create page templates you will be able to assign your page layout in this step. Most of these templates will go into the default blog style.

3. The final step in creating a static WordPress home page is to go to your settings tab on your admin dashboard and activate the pages by clicking on reading. At the very top of this page you will choose the static page button. Once you have done that you are going to go over to the front page and select the title that you had named your home page in the very first step. Finally after you have done all of those steps you will select the posts page and choose a title for that page as well.

If you have done all of these steps in the right order you will now have a WordPress static page on the front page of your site. Also your posts will appear on the posts page. By using a static WordPress front page you will be able to update it regularly and it will help you with higher rankings in the search engines. Remember being high in the search engines means more traffic to your site. WordPress is a very powerful tool that is available to all business owners on the internet today to help them create all of their sites whether they are a blog or a fully fledged webpage.

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Run Your Own Free Broadband Speed Test
October 31st, 2016 by Me2You

Run Your Own Free Broadband Speed Test

Run Your Own Free Broadband Speed TestWe regularly have business customers ask us about their business communications services and what they can do to improve their efficiency. If you have a business phone line you want to get the most of the price you pay each month.

Run Your Own Free Broadband Speed Test

We have compiled a list of the Top 10 Broadband features you should make sure your service provider can deliver.

Run Your Own Free Broadband Speed Test

1. Reliability of the Broadband Internet Network. If you can find a Internet provider with ADSL Business Broadband who proves you with Service Level Agreements SLAs and backs those SLAs with refunds available for downtime, you know you have a reliable network. Not many Business Internet companies do this.

2. Speed. It’s no use having a reliable and slow ADSL service. Make sure your Business ADSL is on a reputable network with adequate backhaul capacity that will provide you with the speed you require. Do you need higher upload speeds? If so you will need to have SHDSL service or get a ADSL service with Clip M access which provides for up to 2Mb upload speeds.

3. Low Contention ratios. Another important factor to take into account is the contention ratio of your Internet Service provider. This is the number of users on any one port at the exchange. Low cuts users put hundreds and hundreds on. Quality Business Broadband Companies will have anywhere between 1 (for dedicated Full Blown Business Grade …. high end high cost) and up to 50 for typical business use and costs effective ADSL. Budget carriers often have 200+ customers on a single node at the exchange where the quality providers will typically have no more than 10000 users

4. Price. You obviously need to strike a balance in what you are paying for and what you get. Sure you have top of the range speed, reliability and downloads but it will costs you thousands per month. ADSL 2 Business grade should give excellent speeds at manageable cost with good quality service based in your home country. Support staff should be well trained and have the ability to understand your needs and the importance of the service to you and your business. Nothing worse than getting unhelpful held desk staff.

5. Static IP. Make sure your business grade ADSL plan has a static IP address included. This is beneficial if you host your own servers for services such as web, email, VPN and many more.

Run Your Own Free Broadband Speed Test

6. Reverse DNS. Having reverse DNS on your : Business Grade Internet will allow you to host email servers while remaining compliant.

7. Additional IP addresses are important to many business when have multiple web, email and other IT infrastructure that they support.

8. High grade support located in the country you operate from. Everyone has the horror stories surrounding the offshore “support” centres with massive wait times and the service and language barriers can be appalling. You should not have to wait more than 1-3 minutes in a call queue to get friendly and helpful support.

9. Flexibility to change plans and speed of your Business Internet plan without massive variation fees. Make sure your business ISP can be flexible. Business needs change and so should your Business : ADSL plan be able to change with those needs.

10. Built in Anti Spam and Anti Virus monitoring. This can sometimes cause minor problems with your email delivery but are vital to ensure your network is not affected by malicious viruses or over loaded with spam.You are viewing someone else’s speedtest result. We have tested the speed of the connection and have recorded an average download speed of: Run Your Own Free Broadband Speed Test15/08/2016

Run Your Own Free Broadband Speed Test19/09/2016
My Broadband Speed Test 31/10/2016
My Broadband Speed Test

Run Your Own Broadband Speed Test

Run Your Own Free Broadband Speed Test



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Staying At Home Or Working
September 23rd, 2016 by Me2You

Staying At Home Or Working

working hard for a cup of coffee 1Most mothers struggle with the question of whether to stay at home  with their children or work. If you’re trying to make that decision, you know that it can be very difficult, because there are advantages and disadvantages to both sides. Here are some things to consider when making your decision.

Staying At Home Or Working

Can you afford to stay home? This one seems obvious, but the question requires consideration. There are costs associated with working, such as child care, gas, wear and tear on your car, clothing, lunches and parking. Deduct these expenses from your paycheck and see what’s left. Next, look at other expenses you can cut. Would it be worth it to you to cut back on vacations and luxuries like cable television if it meant you could be home? If you didn’t have a commute to work, could you settle for a less expensive car? Once you’ve examined all the alternatives, you can make a better decision about how staying home will affect you financially.

Staying At Home Or Working

Will you be happy at home? Some women stay home because they feel like it’s the best thing for their children, even though they are personally much happier working. If you are unhappy at home, this will have a negative effect on your children, so you shouldn’t force yourself to stay home if it isn’t where you want to be.

Staying At Home Or Working

Will you be miserable if you go back to work? Conversely, mothers who truly want to be home with their children, but go to work each day just because the paycheck is a necessity are not getting the best from their life, either. If you fall into this category, maybe it’s time to examine a career alternative that might be a good compromise. Staying At Home Or Working Could you cut your hours? Could you telecommute at your present job, or find a job that would allow you to work out of your home? Fortunately, today’s employers offer more alternatives in hours and work environment that make balancing your work and home life a little easier.

Staying At Home Or Working Remember that the decision you make is not necessarily permanent. Your financial situation could change, as could your personal preferences about working. I have personally done it both ways, and neither is a walk in the park. They are just hard in different ways, and which one works better for you is mostly a matter of your own personal style.

Staying At Home Or Working


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