November 4th, 2016 by Me2You

Conscious creation means living naturally within our universal framework in a way that that supports all creation. Why would you be interested in attaining this kind of mindset? The reason behind it is to break all those barriers of past limiting beliefs about what you can and cannot do and to reach towards achieving goals that previously may have been thought of as impossible. In other words, it is a way to master creating your own reality, rather than having it deemed by an outside force. Creating your own reality is not only very doable, but also very powerful.

While it’s rather easy to define conscious creation, really comprehending it and practicing it might take a bit more work. If you’ve been used to dealing with what you’ve been given, rather than creating your own circumstances, you will need to do a complete overhaul on your attitude. This is not to be confused with switching from a negative to a positive attitude. You can be adept at dealing what is thrown at you with a positive attitude. And while that is a good quality that definitely has served you well, it is not quite the same thing. You are now striving to create your own circumstances, not just react to those that you have found yourself in. Many of us have been conditioned to accept that events happen outside of ourselves and are influenced by good or bad luck, fate and other people. This assumption is easier in a way and also very limiting to your personal growth and prosperity.

When you decide to switch over to the more responsible way of thinking, realizing that only you yourself have complete control of your life, you can build a strong base of thoughts which allows you to completely change your present situation should you want to do that. Which brings up the other difficulty. . . although many of us believe we want to change our current circumstances, often we are afraid to do so because we are stepping outside of our comfort zone and what we are used to. Overcoming that fear to break some boundaries is all part of your new mindset.

When and if you do decide to take credit for your own life, you will definitely be going against the grain of modern society and the media. The news, newspapers and television are constantly bombarding us with “proof” of how powerless and defenseless we all are. It’s extremely easy to become a victim in today’s society if that’s what you choose.

Conscious creation allows you to look at your life through different lenses, to experience your life as the driver and not the passenger. This may be a new concept for you but the instant you start to apply it, you will start to see a difference in your life. Then you go from there.

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November 3rd, 2016 by Me2You

Conscious creation is the attempt of making an effort to create the life you want for yourself. However its more complicated than just suddenly changing your life. Conscious creation is taking your creativity and making it reality. One of the beliefs of conscious creation is that we all have a reality that no one else knows anything about. And that each and every one of us can make a reality with everything we want in it and believe in.

Everyday at the beginning of sun rise we affect that reality, be it good or bad. Through our conscious effort,we shift that reality we create into a good or bad direction. The main thing of this belief is channeling. This can be taken two ways. Some think it means to channel your ideas and desires,and others think it means to channel other spirits that are wise to share. Some may even use it both ways. It’s also believed that we create our own reality,though we may not realize it. So basically,if something bad happens to you,it was your choice for this event to happen. For example,if you were born into poverty,many will tell you,you made those choices,so you could experience poverty. If a serious illness harbors itself in your body,believers will tell you,that you made the choice to house the illness or disease,whether you were aware or not.

By gaining control you can change your circumstances and create a more positive life. It is through the art of conscious creation,you will start off each day with a goal. Rather than the simple goals you make a point to fulfill each day such as waking up on time and getting to work on time,you’re going to think about bigger goals. These are your new goals. You need to choose goals that will help you get closer to the reality you want.

In order to create your own reality,you need to analyze your beliefs. For example,right now you think most people are greedy and don’t care about anyone else. You directed your energy into this thought and now most of the people in your life will be as you thought they were. If you change your belief to a more positive one where you think people are of good heart,most of the people will fit this description because you directed belief and energy into it. The same goes for if you believe you’ll never get out of debt,you’re probably correct. But if you take that extra step each day and think about getting out of debt,you eventually will be debt free.

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November 1st, 2016 by Me2You

What is conscious creation? It is living naturally within our universal framework and in a way that supports all of creation. So how can conscious creation benefit you? Conscious creation can change your life and help you to achieve goals that you might otherwise think are impossible to achieve. You do this by breaking down the barriers of your beliefs about what you can and cannot do. With conscious creation you can create your reality and not settle for one that is created by an outside force. This is a very powerful tool to have in life!

It can be difficult at first to get your head around the whole concept of conscious creation. If you have lived your life accepting what the world throws at you and not creating your own circumstances, then this whole concept will seem foreign to you. You will need to completely change your whole attitude and the way you think to change your life around.

There is more to conscious creation than just changing your mindset from a negative one to a positive one, because I’m sure there are people who accept what life throws at them but accept it with a positive attitude. It is great to see things with a positive attitude, but not so great just to accept things when you can actually change them and make them better. With conscious creation you want to create your own circumstances and not just accept the circumstances that find you. Most people do in fact accept what life throws at them and they accept them as being fate or luck – either good or bad. Most people don’t know any better than to just accept the hand that is dealt to them in life.

But you are in luck, because you now know that there is a better way. You can decide to have complete control of your life by building a strong base of thoughts. By doing this you can change any situation should you want to but that in itself can be a bit frightening for many people because they are not use to this way of controlling their own life. Taking control of your circumstances is stepping outside of their comfort zone and that can be quite scary. To really change your life and decide the circumstances in life you need to overcome the fear and take on a whole new mindset.

Take a look around you and you will see negativity everywhere. If you read the newspaper or watch television you are being bombarded with stories telling you how powerless and defenseless we all are. So to change your mindset and use conscious creation you are going against everything that modern society is telling you. If you choose to follow along with society then you are choosing to become a victim.

If you really want to change your life and experience life as the leader and not the follower, then you need to learn how to use conscious creation. Although it is a whole new concept and might seem unnatural at first, once you learn this skill you will see such an amazing change in your life. You can start living the life you were really meant to live.

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