5-minute Active Balance Session

I’M a Josh van zant fish coordinator collection foundation and welcome to quarantine 2020. But what we’re going to work on today is balance and you Furai get started and get it going first exercise we’re going to do is something we normally do in our balance class. It’S called behind knees, put a demonstrate at city, but you can also do it. Sting so you’ll be sitting for the front of the chair, not leaning back in it, st. standing or sitting tall and what we’re going to start with. You is just lifting our knees. Don’T lay back make sure we’re sitting up tall, we’re lifting our feet off the ground one at a time. Not do you think crazy, yet that may be to come, but we’re doing one foot at a time. What do this about 15 seconds – maybe 20 seconds something like that, but you’ll feel you’ll start feeling a little bit of your hip flexors later your hamstrings, your quads, that’s a good little exercise after this exercise. What we room! Don’T you? It’S called the kickbacks. So again, we’re still sitting for the front of the chair and we’ll start kicking backwards. We kick you back like we’re. Trying to kick ourselves just kick back each time, but you can also do this thing and then do it standing. What you would do would be just to keep straight back if you need to be close to your chair when you kick back stay close to the chair, but you can do it sitting or standing couple more of those alright. So now we’re gon na high knees and our kickbacks we’re going to go to our sidestep sitting tall as usual, we’ll step to the right or left and step to the right. So we’re just side step again. You can do this exercise standing seated or if you really get excited you go up and down the hallway doing this exercise or one side to side. Another exercise kind of Edwin is, we won’t show it today. Here’S our grapevine or our karaoke step that we add to it sort of side to side after that, what we’re going to go to is our row boat now a lot of times when we do this in class, we’ve got a strap or a band, or something With us, you can take a brief, stick, any type of stick or belt that you might have and didn’t grab one today, but you can do that. Have your hands in front of you and we’re going to row our boat side to side. Now our knees are about shoulder width apart and we wrote nice and smooth. Now. What you want to concentrate on is actually turning on your core, not just turning on your shoulders, but let your core turn you through the chair. You may be getting a little sweat going, but some active balance class is what it is, so we’re side to side side to side now to make it a little bit tougher. What we’re going to do next to add to this form, check your feet and you can either put them together or you can do one foot in front of the other kind of tandem stance, I’ll be mine next to each other. So again we go back to our hands out front and we’re rolling that’s a little bit more difficult. So make sure you keep your mouth, don’t fall out of the boat newsChannel. Just keep that balance going side to side again, make sure you’re. Turning on your core muscles, don’t turn on your spine. I mean turn on your spine in your corner. Not your shoulders! We’Re going side to side all right so once it did the tandem little bit, tough, it’s like you’re in the kayak. My thumb, I’m not stay in that boat, all right, so now we’re coming into that next exercise, we’ll show you it’s called the get tall exercise. So me we’re sitting with the front of the chair. We take our hands when raised as high as we can as we reach. How we try to make yourself a half inch taller. We’Re reaching high reaching high – and we want to do here – is just like one foot off the ground reaching high reaching higher reaching high and to make a little bit go in your left, your right and back to the city. So we can keep your hands up and go to our other leg, shift in side to side side to side now, to make it a little fun and everybody doesn’t have to do this part who take both feet, lift them up off the curb and try not To fall back in the chair, it was straight up blue and reach high. If you feel thoughtful insights, that is that it’s not you come hat. Why don’t we put her feet down you get down, got ta, make sure we’re sitting tall come turn side side. A little bit, I want to say it all at the end of our classes, take your arms wrapped around squeeze yourself tight. I thank you for your time. Mine

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