5 Small Business Marketing Strategy Tips in 2019

Comfortable On Video

Written word with articles, comfortable on video blog posts on your website, long form posts on social, whether it’s Instagram or Facebook. Writing 1200 characters or whatever the limit is, writing 400 words in there, filling it up, using hashtags appropriately. You have to put in the work and push that content out there, after you create it. So it’s whether it’s an article that can be use as a blog post, or it’s a video, you have to create content. The most effective ways going to be doing it, is going to be video. And we were just talking with somebody the other day, and I said, basically, the space that you’re in is open for the taking to where you can, if you produce a lot of content, make enough noise and be known as the expert in this person’s space, because nobody else is doing it. Same thing with a lot of these B2C service industries, and markets, there’s not people that are noisy enough.

They’re just posting static image content out there, whereas video is going to get more engagement, and it’s going to get more attention on the social platforms. From a video standpoint, you don’t have to get fancy, you don’t have to have somebody that does it for you. You can literally just keep it simple and get a tripod for your phone, shoot it on your phone. Make sure that the camera is steady, and make sure it’s in landscape mode.

For some platforms, vertical mode, portrait mode for other platforms. Just, it’s all about the content and the relevancy. Don’t worry about it being lengthy, you can get there. Start with something that’s a minute long, 30 seconds long, two minutes long, and just work your way up. It’s going to be weird at first, being on camera, but once you get over that, and you realize that that is really what you look like, and that is really what you sound like, and those weird things you do with your hands and your face, is part of you, and stop critiquing yourself, focus on the quantity of content you can make, not the quality. It does not have to be perfect, because you want to push out as much as possible. If you’re a new business, you’re starting from zero. Even if you’re an established business, and you have no brand awareness on these platforms, you’re essentially starting from zero. You have to make a lot of content. Once you make that content, the fifth point is going to be the distribution of the content.

So, once you make it, you need to share this out there. The cheapest way for you to do it is going to be posting it organically on social, that’s going to cost you time. If you can bring in an agency, even an agency like ours that can do this for you, we post it out on social, it needs to go on your website, you need to be doing some sort of email marketing capture so that you can push it out through email marketing. But you have to have some distribution plan in place. If you don’t, then you’re going to write a piece of content, shoot a piece of content, distribute it and then stop.

And then three days later maybe you do something else, or you say, “Oh, it didn’t work,’ or, “I put it out there and nobody really responded or engaged.” You’re not going to get these home run hits off the bat. You’re going to be focusing on chipping away and continuing to produce content, and you’re going to get shit for views, and you’re not going to get a lot of engagement in the beginning. But as you become more and more consistent and keep pushing that out there, then you will start to see some of the engagement come back. It’s a game of patience. You don’t want to make decisions today that are just looking at effecting next week. You want to think about the long-term, months down the road, years down the road, and start building up this brand, and building up this consistency and this muscle memory, because that is what’s going to get you there. If you’re always making decisions on tomorrow, then you’re not going to be able to see the trees for the forest, and you’re only going to be focused on what you have to do right now, which is like, firefighting mode.

So planning out this strategy to say, “All right, I’m going to make content. I’m going to do video because I’m comfortable on video,” or if you’re not comfortable on video, and you hate it, then go with articles. They still work, they’re still effective, people still read. But just make a ton of ’em. At a minimum level, a couple a week, when you’re just getting started. At a maximum, I mean, do them every day if you can. If you have the time, or if you’re paying somebody to do it for you, do it every single day, at least five days a week…

comfortable on videoThat’s the way you’re going to get that noise out there but then distributing it, you have to distribute it. Social/organic, or through email marketing, but putting it on your site. That way when traffic goes to your site, they can see that you’re making content. When it shows up in their organic feed, they can see you’re making content. Once you get past that point and you want to get into advertising, the most effective spends going to most likely be Facebook or Instagram ad spend, because it’s a cheap cost per click, cost per impression.

LinkedIn, we do a ton of it for some of our bigger clients, comfortable on video it’s very expensive. So for small businesses, that may not be the path to go down if you’re less than let’s say, seven figures, or less than a half a million in revenue, LinkedIn’s expensive. So, when you create this content, now you have something that you can then advertise with. If you don’t have the content, then you have nothing to advertise, you have no post to do, it’s just going to be an image or words, if you’re shooting video that’s going to be much more effective for the advertising aspect, but that’s down the road.

We don’t want to focus on advertising now, but at least you’re creating content that you can use in the future, or you can send to your agency, and say, “Hey, chop up this video content, and create me a 60 second loop video that looks better, and put some subtitles on it,” and then run an ad to your target demographic on Facebook or Instagram. That’s gonna be effective, but you gotta shoot the content first. And if you don’t have the money to do all that, you gotta do it all yourself.

So, those are the five tips of where you can get started from. We’ll dive deeper into it, into specific niches, and specific size of businesses, because you’re going to want different tactics for different things. Whether it’s a proprietary service that you’re doing, whether it’s social focus or website and email, there’s a lot of different ways to skin this cat, but this is just to get you started looking at, all right, in 2019, what do I need to change? Or if you just started your business, what path should I go down? Hopefully these five tips brought you some sort of value, so if it did, hit that like button. comfortable on video If you guys have questions or want me to dive deeper into a subject, leave it in the comments below, and we will see you on the next one. You didn’t do the … okay. I look for that now. Okay, cool..


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