5 Steps to a Winning Social Media Marketing Plan

The growing importance of social media in a business is clearly seen in its implementation or exploitation to boost business marketing activities. It is noted that manipulating social media is an important choice of business action for any business owner to improve their business. A successful social media campaign must be well-researched and thought out to form the best of social media marketing plans that would benefit the business.

Winning steps

Although there are no guarantees to a successful social media marketing plan for any business in the market, there are tested and proven tips and tricks to act as guideposts for a smoother journey.

1) Identify Business Goals

It is crucial for any business to identify measurable goals for success in the marketplace. This would enable a clear frame for a well defined social media marketing plan to be implemented. Business goals can include enhancing branding and image, improving search engine rankings and web traffic to the site as well as sales conversion rates and bottom lines within a specific timeframe. There is a strong need to increase the customer database with good customer services where a deeper engagement with consumers leads to stronger loyalty and sales performance.

Although the business goals may be easily identified, it is a great challenge to achieve some or all of them without modern marketing tools and techniques. Hence, modern day businesses are opting for an indulgence of social media marketing techniques to achieve the stated business goals. Business enterprises would find a myriad of social media marketing tools and techniques to be applied for achieving different business goals set.

The market today offers a host of social media platforms that can generate optimal results; these include social networking sites, blogs, micro-blogs such as Twitter, video sharing sites and file sharing sites. These social media platforms are noted to increase the web business visibility within months while achieving the set goals satisfactorily without much cost

2) Identify Target Market

It is crucial to know whom the products and services are intended for to enjoy a high sale and bottom line. Marketing to the wrong group of audience wastes time and effort without the desired returns. Hence, the smart business owner would identify the intended audience or target market for promoting their wares and offerings to be more successful.

Once the niche market is identified, a winning social media marketing plan would include the right platform to concentrate on for recruiting potential leads. The right social media platforms allow the business owner to source out the best potential customers for a higher sale as these are more likely to lend an ear to the business offerings.

3) Analyze the Competition or Market

There is a growing competition in the business market as more businesses sprout overnight. New technologies come on the scene with more dynamic business solutions and marketing plans. Smart businesses must stay alert to the changing business trends and marketing options in the marketplace to tap on to the potential benefits for an added advantage over the competition.

Competitive businesses would continually analyze the market to keep track of the competition and changing trends in social media to avoid a fall-out with better technologies and marketing apps that can boost their business operations. It is essential for a market leader to take note of current and potential competitors in the market to stay as market leaders in their industry.

Best practices in business operations and social media marketing must be identified and implemented with a SWOT analysis to keep the company a step or two ahead of the competition.

4) Designing Innovative Marketing Strategies

Innovative businesses would design or choose innovative marketing strategies that befit their setup, establishment, industry and financial wellness. The optimal social media platform can reach the niche market when the best of marketing strategy is engaged as it is tailored to the specific needs of the target audience.

The right marketing campaign is linked to the identified goals using a specific platform that offers distinctive features to improve communication that impacts the audience. There is no ‘one-size fits all’ marketing plan for all businesses. Many businesses employing social media marketing strategies consider the 8Cs which comprise Category, Comprehension, Converse, Collaborate, Contribute, Connect, Community and Conversion to establish their influence over their target audience via social media. These components may be used individually or in combination for the best impact depending on different companies.

5) Evaluation for Improvement

However powerful a social media marketing plan may be, its success is for a limited time only. New technologies would render the current marketing strategy stale with more dynamic marketing solutions and tools surfacing. Hence, a business owner cannot stay contented with the current success of the current social media marketing plan.

A winning social media marketing plan is one that keeps evolving over time and reacting to the changes in the industry. There is always a need for monitoring, measuring and evaluating with fine tuning the effect and impact of the current marketing strategy to improve it with the latest technologies, techniques and tools emerging in the marketplace.

Real time feedback on the business marketing plans is preferred to check and optimize the business goal achievement. The current social media marketing plan may need tweaking, upgrading or be discarded for a new one to suit the changing consumer preference especially on the social web. An obvious decline in web traffic to the website must be addressed immediately with an understanding of the source and solution identified to rectify the situation.


Having a successful social media marketing plan is a never-ending activity that a business enterprise must be prepared for. Professional marketing experts can be roped in to assist the business owners if internal expertise is not available for this full-time operation to ensure the best of business effects for the company.

Smart business owners should constantly monitor and fine tune their marketing strategies for an optimal impact on the business by watching the market trends as well as their own business goals and directions.

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