6 WAYS To Know Your Dog REALLY LOVES You

Hey everyone! I’m Leo from Trainkr and today we’ll tell you the 6 ways to know if your dog really loves you! Let’s go! Number 1 He Goes Crazy When You Come Home Does your dog get over excited when you come back home? He starts jumping everywhere, wagging the tail with a toy in his mouth? Then you know he loves you deeply. However, be warned: if he behaves like that with anyone then maybe he is just a very friendly dog. Number 2 Specific Facial Expressions In a recent study in Japan, dogs were introduced to their owner, a stranger, a toy, and something they don’t like. When they saw their owner, the dogs immediately lifted their left eyebrow. When they saw a stranger, their face didn’t move much or slightly moved the right eyebrow. The same when showed something they love and something they don’t like.

The study concluded that dogs are more reserved when meeting someone new, or seeing something they don’t like. Number 3 They Really Look at You According to a dog expert, when your dog looks you in the eye, he is “hugging you with his eyes.” This happens because oxytocin is released, and that’s same hormone that helps new mothers bond with their babies. Number 4 Your Dog Likes To Sleep In Your Room (And Ideally On Your Bed) You get ready to sleep, and then suddenly there he is your dog, in your room, on your bed? If your dog wants to sleep with you in bed, even if you forbade it, it’s a sign that he really loves you. So maybe you don’t have to be so strict about it Number 5 He Yawns With You A study has concluded that when dogs yawn right after their owner it shows their bond to their human.

In this study, dogs were more likely to yawn when their owners yawned, as opposed to a stranger. Number 6 Your Dog Gives You His Favorite Toy Of course it’s a sign he wants to play but not only. When giving you his favourite toy, your dog is paying respects to you and showing you his love. He trusts you with his toy and believes you will love it as much as they do. Well that’s all for today We hope that you liked this video Please comment what else you’d like to know about dogs and Like and Subscribe for more! I’m Leo from Trainkr and we’ll see you next time BYE!.

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