7 Effective Social Media Marketing Tips for Local Small Business Owners

Local small businesses may be worried about the growing competition in the market as bigger market players seem to have distinct advantages with their bigger establishment and market presence. However, the changing technologies over the decade have changed the market scene to benefit the small business.

The market today offers cost effective marketing means that a small local business can implement to enjoy more business and profits. One such effective and efficient marketing option is social media online marketing. This article lists 7 effective social media marketing tips which local small business owners would have no problem implementing to reap the desired business outcomes.

Social media power

The availability of social media today benefits businesses to the hilt as each reputable social media site enjoys hundreds of followers; many of whom are potential leads to different businesses in the market. The social media platform is excellent in presenting the business professionally to potential and current customers continually without awkwardness or coercion.

Any local small business owner can choose different social media sites to interact with their identified niche audiences or apply appropriate online marketing campaigns to win the favor of their selected market consumers.

1. Joining reputable social media sites

Reputable social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter are not just for online social interaction alone. Creative small business owners have created interesting social groups at these social sites to meet consumers and other business owners sharing similar interests who would be ready and willing to consider the offered products or services by the small company.

These interest groups at reputable social media sites are easy to convince over products and services marketed to boost the small business operations once the relationships are established through online social activities that are non-business related.

2. Pay-per-Click advertising

It is possible to incorporate Pay-per-Click advertising on social media sites with the proper manipulation of the available features and interfaces. This simple online marketing tool allows small business owners to enjoy more web traffic when their personal profiles are clicked.

3. Video marketing

Video marketing is very effective where the video content can be shared across the board without limitation. Established social media platforms such as YouTube and Google offer a variety of facilities to set up videos easily for promoting the business in any creative form that would draw web traffic to the business site while creating business awareness on the market. Consumers today prefer to view the videos over text in online shopping expectations.

4. Implementing Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization tools and techniques are always fresh and powerful with new features on the platter every season as new technologies keep emerging. An optimized website brings about a high website page ranking that is favored by top search engines and consumers who are more likely to click on websites than on further pages.

A wide array of cost effective SEO techniques and solutions is available to assist the local small business owners in securing strong social relations, especially via link building, article generation and Meta tags.

5. Blogging advertisement

Many consumers may assume that blogs contain personal information only, but a personal blog can be an effective marketing tool when it is well structured to reach the masses in cyberspace. Blogs allow business owners to stay in contact with customers while luring in potential leads with interesting articles and helps.

A host of interesting components can be posted on a personal blog with subtle but clear references to the targeted web business site to generate web traffic. Free gifts and vouchers can be included in blog advertisements to keep customers as loyal blog followers.

6. Expert blog commenting

The innovative local business owner who is well versed in a certain category may establish a blog space to include professional contents or comments that would assist other consumers in their search for shopping elements. The right type of content expertise can draw a lot of people to the site for the right ‘advice’, ‘tips’ and suggestions that benefit the reader.

7. Be Proactive on social media sites

Business success seldom comes on its own without appropriate planning and action. A proactive stance is required to enjoy business success over the long term. A small local business must be proactive on established social media sites on a consistent basis to ensure that the brand and image stay prominent on the market.

The competition can take down a successful business that becomes too comfortable after a stint of success. A host of research on new and emerging technologies and SEO solutions must be performed to implement relevant options that would benefit the business.

End results

The current business market does not favor the big or rich companies along with small business enterprises having the same business opportunities to succeed if the right marketing tools are employed.

A small business can be easily set up locally with little capital but banks more on social media marketing creativity to succeed in its local marketplace. If the local business owner manipulates the available social media facilities appropriately, the business can grow in leaps and bounds without incurring too much cost to be established in the market; even as a market leader in its industry.


Social media has become a very powerful online marketing tool that is engaged by every modern business enterprise, big or small, to win more customers and business. Small business owners are able to compete with big market players using effective social media marketing tools to stay in the game without incurring too much cost. They can easily build up their reputation to grow in leaps and bounds as a market leader in their industry with the proper tools and facilities manipulated.

It is important to be seen and heard on the social media platform to win more customers while being established as a market expert in the industry to garner a higher respect from all parties and authorities in the business market. Local small business owners need to be bold to step up in their game to win the day for greater and faster returns.

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