Best Link Building Software Social Monkee

Best Link Building Software Social Monkee

social monkee

Social Monkee is one of the best link building software programs on the market. It allows you to easily create 750 unique, follow backlinks to your page every month & boost your search engine rankings for a low one-time investment of just $7. Social Monkee also has a built in indexing tool.

This tool automatically indexes your backlinks, by informing the search engines that you just created them.

You can submit to your money sites (tier 1) and also submit to the pages that link to your money sites (Tier 2). These sites can include Web sites, YouTube videos, blogs and whatever else you’d like to build backlinks to.

By building links to those sites, which link to your money sites, you can create and pass a lot of link juice. Of course, it is very important to build link diversity, build from different IPs, use diverse anchor text and diverse PR backlinks (not just High PR sites). Social Monkee includes all of these instructions in their member area, once you sign up. The best part about it is it’s price tag, at just $7, and that is for a lifetime membership.

With Social Monkee, all you have to do, is click the submit URL button (or you can use the new fangled Chrome or Firefox Plugin) and fill in the title, description, tags and category for your backlink. Then you can preview it to make sure you are happy with the results and click the Submit button and social monkee will build 750 backlinks to your website post or YouTube video (and more). Very cool software and definitely one of my favorite online marketing tools in my tool bag. All This And More: just $7

Best Link Building Software Social Monkee

Invest $7 to take advantage of the awesome benefits your business, your websites and videos will experience, by leveraging the best link building software on the planet, Social Monkee. Start driving traffic to your sites, quickly and easily today, by clicking the link at the top of this video. .

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Best Link Building Software Social Monkee

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