Conquering the Cold Market

Sometimes people have gone through their warm market by showing them one too many business opportunities and their friends and families are just tired of it. If that is you then it is the time that you learn about conquering the cold market.

The cold market is basically anyone that does not know you. This could be a passerby on the street, a cold lead you get from an ad, from buying leads, solo ads, whatever it might be.

People are often more scared to talk to the cold market than they were their market so people get stuck not talking to anyone at all. If this happens then people are going to have any business left at all. People are our inventory in network marketing. If people have no people that means that we have no business.

Follow a Script

When you are just starting out, you may want to follow a script. This will allow you to have a guideline to go by in case you get a little nervous. At least you will have something to fall back if you do not know what the best thing to say is. The script will allow make sure that you are consistent.

Get Out There

Some people may tell you that you should practice with your friends or family but I do not advise that. What ends up happening is that we keep practicing and do not get anything done. The best practice is in the field so that you can get real life experience and start going through the numbers it will take you to get good and to find the people that are going to be your super star builders.

There are plenty of techniques to learn and I advise that you focus on learning 1 new technique per 100 people that you talk to so that you don’t get overwhelmed.

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