Designing Blog Elements in Canva

Now, this is great. Welcome to the Canva Design Circle, the greatest design community on Facebook! My name is Ed, I’m from Sydney Australia, and I’m the Community Manager here. It’s great to meet you.

I’ve put together a few useful posts/tips for you to get you started on the right foot! Read on…

📹 Tutorial: In this tutorial, I will show you how to use Canva to create an invoice (both printable and digital) that you can use when billing clients! Canva makes it easier than ever with templates. Watch now:

💻 Free Design Workshops: We have a tonne of FREE DESIGN WORKSHOPS in December/Jan designed to help you take your general design skills, knowledge of Canva, branding, and business skills to the next level! Register your interest here ( to attend or receive links to watch them!

**📺 Learn how to use Canva: **We’ve organized dozens of Playlists on our YouTube Channel with tutorials and webinars sorted by themes to make it easy for you. Start here:

⚡ FAQs: Here is a link to a Community document with some frequently asked questions we receive in this group. You might find a lot of this info super useful! Link: wanting to what I would recommend is just going through all of the designs they have it right here’s like Canva print posters logos desktop wallpaper blog banners Instagram stories literally everything but what I would highly highly highly recommend is always keep your brain consistent now there are lots of templates and it sounds really cool to just go and start making all sorts of different stuff it’s gonna confuse your audience and if you start doing that perfect well I think I’ve got it all I’m gonna go home play with canvas see what I can create let us know in the comments below if you’ve used a camera before yeah and I really hope this inspired you to really elevate your brand using Canva or whatever else you want to create it with you got some value out of this video make sure you smash that like button let us know while you’re there and subscribe to our channel so you get this content first this is the journey we’ll see you next time you

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