Dogpile Search Engine , Lighting A Fire Under Your Keyword Research

But before I jump into the details, let me say this: The Dogpile Search Engine is one of the first meta search engines that queries multiple sites all at one time. Even better, you’ll get results from the largest search engines to the smallest search engines all combined together and compiled neatly for you.

Bear in mind that a meta search engine is not designed to index or rank websites. That’s right, it simply queries several sites at once to deliver a results page that combines the best sites from all the search engines.

What this means is, the higher a site is ranked on individual search engines, the higher it will rank on the Dogpile Search Engine.

To begin with, search engine order has been predefined. In fact, if a website ranks higher on one of the first search engines, chances are the site will rank higher in Dogpile.

What’s more, if you are a website owner, and you want to get your site listed on the Dogpile Search Engine, you will have to manually submit your site to one of its many search engine partners.

I’m sorry to say that direct submissions are not currently accepted.

But, here’s some good news for you. In most cases, your site will be listed immediately once you submit.

But wait, there’s more. Dogpile offers a search toolbar that is designed to provide every user added convenience and lightening fast access to information.

Right off the bat, you can download the toolbar directly to you web browser. In a combined fashion, results from any page on the Internet including yellow and white pages are delivered to you immediately.

When the dust settles, with Dogpile, you can search up to 50% more of the Web than any other search engine.

Now get this, you can choose to search a particular search engine or get the best of all search engines. This choice dramatically changes your results.

So far, so good. Right,

As if that’s not enough, there’s a news search that will sort your results by relevance and dates. For added convenience, there is an “Are You Looking For” feature available to steer you to a better-worded search query.

For all these reasons, Dogpile stands out. Consider this. You can use the “Bold Search Terms” option, to have all of you keyword search terms stand out on all the results pages.

And what’s more, you can track and display your previous 15 recent searches if there is something you want to go back and look at.

All in all, using the Dogpile Search Engine to search several search engines and directories at once is a huge time saver, and lots of fun. You can find what you are looking for faster, and in a more accurate way. And that’s really what you want isn’t it,

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