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okay so I’m gonna tell you about domain flipping today I’ve made some good money domain flipping in the last few years I started buying domains about six or seven years ago I really started buying no means before I understood how the traffic worked I focused at first on buying domain names that were brand brandable names so things like at smarty calm smrt why calm for example that’s great you can trade market it’s brandable it could be all kinds of different cool little things but it doesn’t drive any web traffic nobody’s Smith’s typing smarty they might be missed typing you know financial services or they might be missed typing something in the adult nature but they’re not they’re not typing brandable sounding cool names that aren’t that aren’t that aren’t search terms what they are typing in is search term so any generic names any generic words are valuable to somebody so if you own you know toilet paper com obviously Scott paper is going to be coming knocking on your door because somebody typing in best deal on cameras is not going to be finding the toilet paper site but it’s going to be finding your camera deals com website so keywords are basically where it’s at and figuring out ways to monetize that there’s a number of different levels to that from parking your domains that shared places like seed own places that that monetize it with Google Adwords or other adsense or building your own templates and sites and monetizing it that way the the number of dollars that can be very few can be as few as of two or three or five dollars a month or twenty dollars a month that when you add more ties that over several years you know I need times that by 20 or 30 of them you’ve got a valuable business so basically this report is a really good outline of how that all works and I encourage you to pick it up

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