How To Build Your Camera Confidence In 5 Days

Hi! It’s Rachel. Welcome to Video Power. And this blog is all about helping you with your camera confidence. Today’s blog is all about giving you some camera confidence so you can smash it next to you with your videos and get yourself out there, marketing yourself, educating people and making a difference in the world.

Write down these two things… First thing, what is the best thing happened to you today? Second thing: What did you learn from today?

Record this every day on your iPhone or your smartphone. No one has to see it, but I’d like you do it for five days straight. Because you know what if your gonna smash it next to the video the first thing is to build your confidence. I’ve been where you are, I know how scary it is, and I know that things can change. So, I wish that I was around when I had my problems and confidence in front of the camera.

So, let’s see what happens, what comes up for you, share them below and let me know what happens. .

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