How to Create Videos Without Being in Front of a Camera

How To Create Business Videos

Okay, you know that you have a wealth of information to share with your audience plus you that the best delivery method is video but you have this fear, this fear, this fear of being in front of the camera, what do you do? Hey! Vitoria Castro here, the founder of “Dominate Video Marketing” and today we are gonna talk about how to do videos without being in front of the camera. Well, I have a few alternative solutions for you. Do not worry. how to create business videos

You are not alone. Let’s get to it. Alternatives to not be on camera: one option is to do reality-style videos. Those that we are really used to seeing on TV. Here are some examples for you. how to create business videos Let’s call it “Holiday Video” those are very fun especially for whoever works with traveling business.

You can show the places you visit while you are giving the details of the place from behind the camera. Plus, after recording, you have the option to add a voice-over. Another example — business event. You can create a video talking about highlights from the XYZ event, record film videos in the event, and then check the best clips to make a video. how to create business videos

Demonstration video — well, you can show how to do something without showing your face on the camera, it can be making a recipe, it depends which kind of business you have or fixing something, anything related to your business or your services.

how to create business videos

Remember, in these videos you act as a reporter so you don’t need to be in front of the camera. But you need to talk, you need to explain, you need to show, you need to interact. The person is gonna know that there is somebody behind the camera and this brings me to the next option. Screencast Videos — here you are recording your computer screen and guess what?

You’re gonna have your voice-over as well. For sure you’re not gonna be behind the camera speaking but you’re gonna add your voice-over. So the person’s gonna feel that you’re behind the scenes. You’re talking to he/she that is on the other side of the computer. For a screencast, you will need to have screen capture software.

One of the examples is Jing, ScreencastOMatic, the one that I really recommend that is very very cheap and does a really good job, and the best one that Camtasia.

Those are just to name a few. And this time I am recording on Camtasia. Now, let’s look at some examples. Online presentation — you can prepare your presentation PowerPoint for PC users or Keynote for Mac users and record it using screen capture software that I just mentioned.

how to create business videos And now we have the How-To Videos. Screen capture videos as excellent when you want to show how to use the software in web applications. Okay, now I wanna hear from you. Would it be easier for you to start a video without being on camera? I’d love to hear your story and if you like this video please share it everywhere.

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How To Create Business Videos