How To Get Revenge On Your Ex Boyfriend

There is an old saying “Living well is the best revenge” and I couldn’t agree more. When someone you loved has broken up with you and treated you badly, it’s natural to want to make them hurt too. Most people would want to learn how to get revenge on your ex boyfriend but, don’t. It won’t accomplish a thing.

The real danger is that you become so obsessed at getting back at your ex that you never really get over him. You stay mired in this destructive pattern where he is all you can think of, even if you are thinking of him with hatred.

That is no way to live. As long as you are stuck in that negative place you can never move on and you can never really find happiness. You have the right to find love again, to do that though, you need to let go.

Besides, if you really want to make him squirm what better way to do it than to let him hear from his friends that you are happy and living your life to the fullest.

If you just go out with some other guy to make your ex jealous you are only being as big of a jerk to your new guy as your ex was to you. Your ex will also know just what you are doing and that will tell him loud and clear just how much he got to you.

No, a much better approach is to truly get over him, and move on. Find a real love again and be happy. That will get back to him too and it won’t seem so desperate and pathetic as trying to make him jealous.

If you want to learn how to get revenge on your ex boyfriend the best approach I know of is to get over him, move on and be happy.

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