How To Install Google Analytics On WordPress

Today i will be showing you tips on how to install Google analytics on WordPress hello, Guys, i am Subhang from WebsiteLearners.Com in this video i’ll, be showing you how one can install and use Google analytics to your WordPress web site. So what’s Google analytics Now? Google analytics is a very simple device which helps you see the whole thing that’s happening on your site, With the support of which you will see that how your site is performing, so that you could take steps to beef up it Now. What does Google analytics show? It suggests matters like how many people are travelling your web site. Where are they coming from? Are they coming from google, facebook or twitter? How a lot time they’re spending, then probably the most visited pages and the actual-time information? So all these things looks tremendous entertaining right Now. Step one Is to create a Google Analytics account. So first, let’s go right here after which type google.Com/analytics and then press enter Now. Click signal-in and then click on analytics Now signal-in to your google account. Then click signal Up Now: let’s fill-up this manner. So first, let’s enter the account name simply enter any title for your account. Then your internet site title and it’s URL, then prefer your enterprise and the time zone. Now. Preserve all these options checked and click get tracking identity after which click here. K, So now our Google Analytics account is equipped Now the next move, in an effort to do this, let’s go to our WordPress dashboard and then go to plugins and click on. Add new and search for a plugin called Google analytics dashboard. Now, while you find this simply click install at times click on active ok, So the plugin is now activated. So after this plugin is set up, you can see a new item known as Google analytics, So just go there and click normal settings. Now click on authorize, plugin and then click on get entry code. Now Google will ask in your affirmation. So, let’s click on enable and replica this code after which paste it on this field. Then click on store access code. Now this knowledge shows that the website is now linked to Google analytics. So, let’s click on store changes to see the quantity of visitors simply go to your dashboard. Here you’ll find a new section called Google analytics dashboard So from here which you can get a rapid overview of the traffic of your website. So let’s go to the Google Analytics site Now from this menu. Which you can get the whole knowledge about your website. On this part you can see the information about your viewers And in this part you can find from the place your visitors are coming from and from right here you will see that their behaviour like how much time they may be spending for your website online, the highest pages and many extra..


And then from here that you can get the true-time information, like the number of folks who’re looking at your web site right now, k, So this is how you can install and use Google analytics for your wordpress web site. Now, if you don’t have a WordPress website, that you could be trained the right way to create it just by means of staring at this video. So that’s it. Should you in finding this video priceless just hit the like button and in addition to observe more videos from us simply subscribe to internet site learners and in addition hit that bell icon to get notified first, Thanks for gazing this, video Babye )