How to Make Sure You Use Commas Correctly and full stops and apostrophes

And the idea is, I’m just going to ask you individually? Is that punctuation right or wrong? How do you know? Okay, there are Mississippi on YouTube and we will go back over it. Yes, so you’ll be able to access it, there’ll be a homework where I get you to access it and then I’ll test you on it. So my first question is: is this comma correct? Does he need it? Yes or no? It’S wrong. Tell me why you don’t need one, how do we test it? Can somebody tell Lauren how we test it? We always test things the same way: full stops and commas James. Does it make sense on its own, so as me, and when I make Timmy’s idea to the goal to go to the insane asylum, it just does make sense, and so I wait so normally I’ll be a full stop. Then we test, if the next bit makes sense on its own, so on does that make sense on its own? Yes or no okay, so we’ve got two things that make sense on their own. Your maturation. Do we need. We need a full stop. However, somebody just mumbled semicolon at me: yes, why you can join the two together with a semicolon because Jess because their links aren’t they, those two sentences are properly linked and, okay, all right. That’S a good point. Before opening speech you always have and some punctuation yeah. It’S only ever a full stop if the speech marks start down here is a new paragraph, otherwise it’d always be a comma or something else. Okay, and these speech marks have gone after the full stop. Is that right or wrong Cameron arm? Is that right or wrong? These speech marks after

Do they always go after warmup, which way you go know is the wrong answer? Okay, so it’s worth remembering, let’s put it back, the the punctuation always comes before the speech marks. What are their jollies? Thank you. Thank you, Nathan. That’S what everybody said, but before the night was a member we should be dead. Anything you want to change before the night was over good. Okay, so we can read it with over Nathan. Is the comma right or wrong? Okay? What’S the test that we apply that James told us does it does it make sense? So that’s what everybody said does that make sense on its own okay, I’ll give you that then we look at the next bit. Does that make sense on its own, but before the night was over, we would be dead. Does it so the comma is right there? Okay, if both bits make sense on their own, that has to be a full stop. Okay, now, who knows what’s wrong with guards? Two hands on a block: three hands: okay, right and John – has put an apostrophe here. So my question is: is that right or wrong blabber wrong? So wait! So that’s right! Now he take the mouse off it. So it’s not clicking it’s not flashing, John yeah, thanks and okay, it’s right that it needs a poss. We can you tell me why thank you, brilliant the ghosts belong to them. I’Ll say it again because it’s important the girls belong to them, but my owner of the ghosts isn’t guard. What’S the owner, the only reason guard. What’S this there’s ghosts here, it’s guards the guards own the ghosts. So we need to put the apostrophe after the owner and we decided the omens guards so get rid of that prospect and put it after the owner, which is guards perfect. Well done now the guards go still walkabout and the devil himself you’re gon na change it to etc, etc, which is et CET, see. Ok, you can right-click on it because it probably wants to put stop after each one because they were created. That’S it! Ok. I want the comma in 5 seconds left: ok, John, I’m between 1 and 10, again. 7. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Ross. We’Re gon na put the comma I’ll get out of your way. It’S this sentence. They say the guards ghost will walk it set down to their wine. What was our test James games, the test that we always ask? Does it okay? So they say the gods ghosts will walk about still walk about. Does that make sense it does good. Does sir PowerPoint so because it makes sense, I could put a full-stop layer, but then I test this myth. Does this make sense and the devil himself etc, etc? So I could have a comma there good night. However, so that’s right, but you’ve all been told, you don’t need a comma if you’ve got and yes, so you were right, it could be a cover there, but we don’t need it because exam we still do need a comma James way. Brilliant wine very good, its styling, a list I’ll do etcetera, etcetera, yes, actually, yeah. You would because you’ve got etcetera in a list yeah, so we need another common edge on yeah, because it’s in the list – and now we still need the full stop, because it’s an abbreviation it’s really complicated and the comma right. Okay. Last bit, I think I think what are those nonsense? Just a lot of ghost stories to scare the small kids to stop them going out there we’ve got a sentence with two commas in we was at the double check, those. No, but if you’ve got one with two commas in there’s a high chance that one was wrong so at fifteen seconds to look at the first comment: come up with the reason why it should or shouldn’t be there good right, grace, first, comma, right or wrong because It does so I’ll test, then, is to look at the next bit. Does that make sense, or so it does therefore, can we John is going to tell us he’s put in a semicolon? Why is that right in your opening job? No, what’s the job with a semicolon, we did it earlier up here. What’S the job at the semicolon brilliant, so it’s connecting these two sentences. Are they connected? Do they belong together, yeah they do so you’re. Absolutely spot-on! Well done, okay, yeah, final comma! Is it right or wrong jab? Yes, one correct! The second part doesn’t make sense on its own, so that is a correct use of comma well done now that was much better concentration than yesterday. Thank you very much.

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