How to Measure the Value of Podcasts — SALES!

Measuring the Value of Content Marketing: Podcasts. If you’re trying to measure the value of content marketing in ANYTHING other than leads and sales stop. Don’t bother with it. I just read an article by another content marketing guru entitled “How to measure the value of podcasts” and I gotta tell ya my head hurts. Here’s the thing: Most experts will tell you to measure stuff.

A LOT of stuff about your podcasts—using a LOT of DIFFERENT hosting, link shortening and distribution tools. Of course we cannot actually know simple things like if the podcast was actually listened to!Nonetheless, we’re supposed to measure what time of day people listen, the rate at which you convert clickers to subscribers, what episodes are being downloaded. But here’s the thing: investing time in knowing these things doesn’t help us tie back your podcast to SALES or help us ENSURE the podcast creates leads.


If you’re investing time in podcasting invest MORE time in DESIGNING your podcast to create sales leads–—and less time in measuring data that ultimately doesn’t give you the ability to create more leads, more often. If you do you’ll start making social media sell for you. I’m Jeff Molander…

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