Into Corporate America and Back Home Again: A Directory of Legitimate Work From Home Jobs

Working as an independent contractor means you are probably looking for gigs that involve working from home. In as much as an increasing number of jobs are online, the brick and mortar model is still the dominant model. Few firms are willing to contract or sub-contract work to work-from-home independent contractors. That’s what makes working from home a very challenging means of employment; however the author has done an excellent job of curating a list of the firms and businesses that offer the most competitive work from home employment and gigs.

Most importantly she does a remarkable job of detailing where you can go about sourcing for these jobs. She breaks down the technical aspects involved in securing these contracts and the necessary mindset required to become successful at it. You can never underestimate how important it is to learn how to navigate the negotiations involved in securing legitimate work-from-home jobs. The steps of negotiating working hours, KPIs and pay, can be very tricky and fraught with mistakes and regrets. Given her extensive research and experience this would probably be one of the best take-outs in the book, –in that little to no negotiations are required of these opportunities. You must simply know what you will accept and what you will not.

Thirdly the author goes about profiling the firms she worked for or worked with. No two companies are the same. Also keep in mind that larger organizations are not necessarily better at delegating these jobs in a work-from-home arrangement. It’s clear from her list that some firms have better structures and policies on how independent contracting works. Over and above that she provides an even greater list of the businesses that offer many different types of legitimate work from home jobs and contracts. This gives you the ability to sieve through and find the best fit for your type of skills and work hours.

The work-from-home gigs are fraught with delayed payments, shoddy contracts, discrimination, and underpay. Lots of firms involved in the work from home models are not even legitimate. Lots of scams are unearthed every day around the same issue. This book gives a proper directory, chockful with adequate and legal firms that deal with work from home gigs and jobs. This is a gem given that it protects you from signing up with sleazy online jobs and gigs. The directory essentially makes it possible to map out potential clients or employers that you can work with around the country and earn an extra income.

Most critically the author gives a breakdown on how you can engage these firms. Once you’ve picked your best fit, you can then decide whether you are willing to work as an employee or independent contractor. You also get to decide whether you’ll do this on a full-time or a part-time basis. The industrial age type of jobs are phasing out, and the new job designs will be far much more fluid and flexible. That’s why this book is a critical tool in mapping out the landscape of the future. You’d do yourself much favour by picking it up and equipping yourself on the future of the employment landscape.

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