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Today we have one of the mickelson twins: promoting ghost audio, we’ll do a quick review of the ad. I make these videos, based on my experience with the ad as a consumer, i’m not some expert as if i have like years of running million dollar ad campaigns. So this is just simply a learning experience for all of us to kind of break down a and add a popular ad on youtube and, let’s just have some fun with it. Let’S go through a learning experience together, we’ll be hosting an online workshop where we’re going to show you how we’ve used the ghost audio to build a consistent five figure per month online income. These brackets are essentially how i label the sections. I actually thought that christian started off really strong in this hosting an online workshop. So you know exactly what the ads about and we’re going to show you how to use ghost audio and how we did it for five figures per month online income. So he introduces this concept to ghost audio, which i actually think is kind of interesting, because it is a new term. Now, if you’re not too number savvy five figures a month is ten thousand dollars a month steadily, and if you don’t know what ghost audio is right now, that’s completely okay. We don’t expect you to. In fact, i doubt almost anyone knows what ghost audio is, because it’s actually something that me and my brother discovered and we’ll be sharing it with you in today’s online workshop. This next section clarification is basically clarifying uh. What five figures a month is. I think this section is complete waste, remember with youtube. You have like five seconds to really get into the consumer’s mind and get them to stay long enough to kind of reach the sales pitch, and i feel like, if you’re burning this full second or two right here. It’S just not an efficient use of time. I felt like if he were to want to maybe clarify this a little further. He could have done it right here – maybe five figure per month on online income, it’s generating on average 11 700 a month or something that would have been really impactful because that would have been that would have felt really real to the audience. Instead, he kind of has to clarify, which is some people might even tune out at that point, and he clarifies that ghost audio is not something that people might know. I think this is a good statement, because when you introduce a new concept, most people probably don’t know it, and i doubt anyone almost knows what ghost audio is. I will be critiquing this, though in just a minute and me, and my brother discover it’s very powerful. Whenever you can implement like something new like we found something new, what’s even cooler is that people have copied us and what we’re doing and like we encourage you to go out and copy us. That’S why we’re hosting this online workshop people have copied us and gone out and started making money for themselves as well next segment. I call building trust through altruism, it’s basically, you know people have copied us. We even even encourage you to go out and copy us. They started making money for themselves, so it’s like these altruistic guys that are willing to help you in this online workshop, and you know you’re going to be able to go out and make money for yourself. If you follow the workshop and we’re not expecting anything in return now, as we know when people sign up for these workshops, it is a sales pitch into some type of mentoring, coaching or you know some type of sales product and that’s okay, but uh. That’S what we know to be true with these webinars, so i don’t think this is entirely truthful on him, but it is a kind of a powerful sales technique at the beginning of the video, where it’s just like hey, we’ll help you out and through reciprocity. You’Ll probably help us out as well. For example, here we have richard who says i’ve made a lot of different kinds of money online, and this is by far the easiest and most passive income. To start with that, i found amazing thanks, rasmus and christian. We immediately get into testimonials. I think christian does this, because he even recognizes that people probably don’t even know what ghost audio is and so he’s going to use a lot of testimonials. It’S just like here here all the people that are succeeding. You know trust us. This is a valuable product and i am kind of turned off by the fact that at this point i still don’t know what ghost audio is. If i’m sticking around for this long um, it’s sure there’s an element of like curiosity like oh, i want to learn this new technique, but the fact that there’s no mention of like even what industry it’s in turn me off, and this i’m speaking specifically of me As a consumer, everyone has a different blueprint for what they buy into, but you know, people like me are turned off by vagueness, and so i would want to know at least by now. Just an idea of what ghost audio is. Is it you know? Is it something with amazon? Is it something with real estate? Is it something about you know, making audio tracks for your grandma to buy her cookies? You know, i have absolutely no idea it could be anything under the sun. So, anyway, we get into the testimonial section, and i think he uses this testimonial first for a reason, because it uses these very easy trigger words right for audiences easiest and most passive income. To start with. I think that is what a lot of people will respond positively to, and so that’s probably why i have a feeling he strategically used this testimonial first, which reminds me i should introduce myself. My name is christian. My twin brother’s name is rasmus you’ll, be seeing him on the online workshop. He does a quick introduction. My name is christian. My twin brother name is rasmus. I do feel like there should have been a little bit more credibility added in this ad to like really have the most impact. At this point. It’S probably cold traffic because i was getting hit with these ads and i had no idea who they were, and so it’s just hey my name’s christian, my brother’s name is rasmus he’ll, be on the workshop. At no point, do you really know anything about them? He’S mentioned some money that he makes five figures income, but at no point have they proven it at no point have they mentioned that they’ve been in this business for a certain amount of years? At no point have they mentioned. We have. We run a large coaching business. You know, there’s nothing there to get me to buy into these guys and i feel like they could have done a better job of introducing themselves in a way to add credibility. A little earlier on because now we’re at a minute – and i still don’t really know who they are next here we have elijah who says just another testimonial section we have elijah and uh. I think this was added now that we have some tangible proof of money. It’S like okay, yeah, we like it. I just got my first paycheck and now we have some tangible proof. 1200, so we have at least some money being earned, which, in these business opportunities money is the most important claim right. It’S not about like. Oh, i found happiness or i found my passion almost that’s almost irrelevant when people watch these ads when they’re trying to sell these products, it’s all about how much money you will make, and so i think that’s why this second testimonial includes a like a specific amount That someone earned, we have another testimonial, let’s see, and then he has this sentence, which i think is probably pretty impactful for their audience. Where it’s like. You know i used to work as a barista. I used to work 40 hours a week, they’re probably targeting people that have day jobs and don’t make that much and now you just you made more in one day: that’s certainly a powerful impactful statement and then you throw in this. You found the winning lottery tickets. Wow, that’s a that’s! A pretty interesting claim that sid made you found the winning lottery tickets. That’S implying that there is a lot of money to be made and, as i just mentioned, that is the most important part of these business opportunities. How much money will you make and how you go and put them in is simply by registering for our online workshop, so to be able to do that, all you have to do. Is click in the upper right hand corner if you’re on mobile bottom left, if you’re on desktop click that put in your email, address and you’ll be registered for the workshop, which should be starting in the next 15, 20, 30 minutes or so now about a minute And a half we’ve got the call to action. The first call to action which um a couple of these ads. I’Ve seen there actually is no call to action. I think it’s very important that you actually have something like what do you want? The the person watching the ad to do makes it very clear click on the upper right corner. Click that put your email address very clear. Here’S, the quick call to action. Please do it and he includes this statement of the next. You know presentation. We start in the next 15, 20 30 minutes or so, if you actually go to their website, which side note number one. One thing i noticed remember, i tell you guys to pay attention to detail as much as you can. This is their main website and this is uh by the way it’s a very clean website. I actually really like it um. However, i noticed little details that we’re july of 2020, and this is not updated and they’re running ads to it. That’S something i notice. I also notice how we have more income streams than most billionaires, which is not only one of the funniest claims i’ve ever heard, but not even remotely true. You have two guys, however much success. They’Ve had it’s irrelevant, but they essentially have one source of income. Maybe two, if you count youtube and uh how we have more income streams than most billionaires, most billionaires have more income streams than you can imagine. 30. 40. I mean it’s endless, how many they can have. So when you make a claim like this, i don’t like seeing that because i think it’s entirely false, but anyway we’re on this page to show you about reserving your seat and what’s interesting, is they have the time set up? You know perfectly it’s 106 on my computer right now, we’ve got 115, it’s just magically. You know within the next few minutes, and that is the software they use, which is pretty interesting um, and it ties into what he’s saying here here. We have our no who, in his second month next section, we’ve got another instance of testimonials and more calls to action at this point. If you’re sticking around for this long, i have a feeling, if you’re an advertiser, you’re, probably believing that the people are really bought in. You know if you’re sticking around for two minutes on a youtube ad. You know you’re right there on the cusp of clicking, and so i think it’s powerful just be like hey. We’Ve got another couple of examples of people succeeding, and this is where he throw it. Really throws it on, you know, here’s another claim and five thousand dollars which actually, by the way with this ad, i do like that. The claims that they’re making are not outlandish – and i do appreciate that it’s in my opinion, it’s actually a little more believable when you’re, just like hey someone made 1200 or someone made 5000, that’s way more believable than some of these ads. It’S like this guy in 30 days is making 100 grand a month. He owns his own private helicopter and is dating the most beautiful woman on instagram. It’S completely absurd and then you throw in another uh testimonial. You can attend by clicking here’s another call to action, and then i like this, like it’s an escalating. You know this guy started with 1k, it’s very believable when, when you’re just like hey, you know this guy made a thousand dollars and two then three and then all the way to 7k. It’S pretty enticing for someone on the fence, which i have a feeling at this point of you know two and a half minutes. Almost two and a half minutes in you know someone who’s on the fence. This might be the push. So what i’m gon na do now is i’m just gon na. Let a bunch more of these success stories roll. While i talk – and i wan na – do that because listen you sign up for online workshops, you listen to people and their advice on how to create income, because you want results. Results is the only thing that matters, and this right here is results and results. Is the reason why you should register for today’s online workshop because we got lots of them? I really like this section. This is another testimonials and a market differentiator. You know i. I declare market differentiator. As you know, what do we do differently? And in this section this was really interesting, something i have actually never seen before with an ad, and i am interested in hypnotists, i find them fascinating. One thing i would love for you guys to do after watching this video is actually go check out. Some hypnotists like street hypnotists, you can learn a lot about like persuasion, manipulation and everything with hypnotists, and i felt like this was kind of in line with what they do. He basically gets you to focus on the right-hand part of the screen. It’S just like look at all this scrolling and the scrolling goes so fast that you can’t really read all of it, and so your focus is on the scrolling and then he’s talking to your subconscious as you’re, not really aware of it and he pounds. The word results one two three and four times he used. The word results in like 10 seconds and then at the end he goes. You know we got lots of them so as you’re actively paying attention to the right part of the screen he’s talking to what i would consider your subconscious in a way. It’S like you’re, not actively listening. It’S just like hitting your brain and he’s just going. Results results results, results which, for a product like this, when you’re wanting to get in and you’re wanting to make money all that you care about as a consumer. Is it going to work for me? Are there going to be results? I actually felt like this was one of the coolest sections. I don’t know how you guys stand. I would love to hear your thoughts. You know. Do you find it unethical to do something like that? I personally don’t, but i’m a little conflicted, because it is a little manipulative where it’s like. You know. If i could get you guys to somehow watch my videos and be if i can get you to focus on something and then like secretly. Hey guys subscribe to my channel make sure to hit like after you watch every single one of my videos hit like make sure to comment, and i do so in a way that, like after you’re done focusing on whatever i wanted you to focus on you’re. Like oh yeah, i like this guy i’ll subscribe i’ll hit like i don’t know how i feel about that so again to do that right up here on mobile in the last section, we’ve got another call to action. This is kind of the end of the sales pitch it’s like by now. Just just sign up man just sign up bro, so it’s just register put in your email. We’Ve got another 15 20 minutes before the next presentation and we’re going to hammer the word results again. You know register there register there. Overall, i thought this was a decent ad i’ll, give it a 6′ 5. I feel like there were a couple elements missing for me to like really buy in one. I didn’t really like that. There’S not much credibility to this christian guy. You know he mentions himself. I mean it’s basically one sentence, so i’m not entirely bought into who these two are. I mean remember this: i’m treating this like, i’m i’m cold traffic, where i don’t know who these guys are, and so i don’t really know their validity. I mean sure they made a claim about five figure per month online income. Did they make five figures one month i mean they say steadily, but i didn’t see proof because i’m not aware of them. You know how successful are they because i’m on youtube all the time? How have i not heard of them? There’S also mention of this ghost audio. I did not appreciate that there was no mention of what ghost audio even is like. I understand you want to keep it vague to get. You know the people into the presentation, because you want to find out what it is, but to a guy like me and again, this is all you know just my perspective. The fact that i never knew even what industry ghost audio is in it kind of threw me off, and so that’s why i gave it a little lower score, but there were some elements that were new to me and i actually was really. I found some of these elements really interesting in advertising, and so i gave you guys a quick because i know some of you guys watch this you’re interested in running ads. So i figured i’ll break this down for you in what i consider each segment and kind of the time spent on each segment. You know hope. Hopefully this is enjoyable for you guys to watch and somewhat educational, but you can see that he, you know, spent 9 seconds. 11. 11. 5. 23. 21. He did a pretty good job of going through and breaking each section down pretty quickly and it kind of the flow and the pace was really strong with this one and if you’re interested they have a video. This is erasmus, the brother, a youtube video: how to have success on youtube without being lucky. He actually goes in and shows his facebook ad dashboard, which excuse me his google ads dashboard, and i actually do appreciate this is the kind of transparency that i really appreciate and based on this dashboard of of their traffic, which there’s no indication that this specific ad Is in this dashboard, so i am not saying that these results are an indication of how successful that ad was um, but they indicate that they’ve they’ve made some pretty good results with the with warm traffic. They do pretty. Well, i think 2500 costs became something like 12 grand and then they had some the cold traffic. It looks like they’ve spent 1400 and i’m not sure if they’ve converted at all um, but anyway, you can watch this video if interested to kind of get a breakdown of what their ad spend is. But for the most part it’s uh from what i’ve seen. I think it was like 4x what they were, what they were spending, so if they spent a dollar they were making three to four times for this webinar. So i guess it’s converting. So, at the end of the day, that’s all that matters and i’d like to think it was a pretty decent ad hope. You guys enjoyed this. I really don’t know what i’m doing with this series other than just showing ads, giving my opinion on it. Critiquing them in such a way that, hopefully it’s educational to you – and i am very thankful if you’ve watched this far so thanks so much for watching

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