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How to add Quick-Video-Offers/ and add rows of videos to your YouTube channel? You know those different sections of videos on your YouTube channel home page. I’m going to add some to my channel right now and show you the entire process step by step from beginning to end. Hello, I’m Neil and I’m a development producer helping high achieving creators and performers just like you to get ideas out of your head and out onto here on YouTube to make the world happier. I’m figuring all of this out for myself at the same time. How to add Quick-Video-Offers/

I’ve launched a few new YouTube channels. Look here’s one, and I just want to make them look a bit Well, less barren.

I want them to make them look better so I’m going to do that in real-time with you and you can follow along with me hope we’ll get this done in no time. The first place we’re going to go obviously is YouTube studio. If you click on the three lines in the top left-hand corner that expands this menu. We’re going to go down to customization and this opens up our channel customization page. There are three tabs at the top: layout, branding, and basic info,  and I’ve covered those other tabs in other videos. How to add Quick-Video-Offers/

The links to those are in the description below but this first page – the layout page – is exactly what we need to create these shelves,  these little bookshelves of videos for our YouTube channel page. Now at the top here it gives you the option to add a video to the top of your channel home page. And there are two versions – two different flavors! You can add a video that acts as a channel trailer for people who haven’t subscribed to your YouTube channel yet, and you can add a different video for people who have subscribed. I’ll just show you how this works.

If you click add… How to add Quick-Video-Offers/

Now embarrassingly I’ve only got, what, nine videos here but if you had more you can search for them in this search box here. And if we want to save these choices I can just hit publish.

So if I refresh my channel home page here,  I’m already subscribed so I get the training video. But we want to add those rows of videos to the channel page and you do that just below here: in this section called featured sections. Now I already have one row of videos and that’s called “uploads”. That’s basically my entire list of videos with the most recent on the left-hand side,  but if you click on this button here “add section”, it gives you lots of other options to add different rows to your home page. Let’s go through each one just to see what they look like so the first one is popular uploads.

How to add ROWS OF VIDEOS: My YouTube channel page BOOST! 2022And here it seems to have ordered my uploads in order of popularity. If I hit add section again,  the next option is short videos. Well, I haven’t got any of those so I  want to remove this row from my rows. It’s really easy to do that. On the right-hand side of the bar it gives you options and we can click on the remove section.

But the one I think you and I both want the most is the playlists. You have three options here. There’s a single playlist, and this is where  I can choose any of my single playlists to be the entire row for that section on my home page. So let’s choose London buses and I can add a section again to add another playlist. So I’ll select a single playlist again and then I can choose trains and railways and you see that it adds it as the next row down.

If I wanted to have a row that included all of my playlists in one row then I’d select created playlists. I have five playlists on this channel and you can see they’re all arranged in a row. Now let’s say I want to make that row at the top of my channel home page it’s really simple. If you go to the two bars on the left-hand side they’re kind of like grabber bars and now I’ll click on those bars and I’ll drag the entire row up and I’ll drag it all the way to the top and let go there. So now if I hit publish,  this is how my YouTube channel looks now.

You can see that created playlists are at the top as the very top row underneath that featured video so I have the featured video,  the created playlist, and then the other rows that I arranged in my list. Now that row at the top is all of my playlists so if I wanted to select a number of different playlists and choose which playlists are in that row, let’s click on “Add section”  and we’ll select multiple playlists. So if I wanted this row to just include playlists about trains, well I can search trains here and it would bring up those playlists or I can just select them from the list. Let’s call it imaginatively TRAINS  exclamation mark, and I could move that playlist up to the top as well. There are two more sections that I can show you. How to add Quick-Video-Offers/

If we click on add section and scroll down to the list, this section is called “subscriptions”. This is a row where I could show the latest channels that I have subscribed to and the final type of section that we can choose is featured channels. Now I’ve made a video all about this. It’s on-screen now and in the description. This is where you can link to any other channel and the channels that you select in this section also show up in your channels tab, so if you want to publicly associate your channel with maybe one of your other channels or other channels that you enjoy that’s the place to do this.

So I’ll just call this “my other channel” and there I am. I’ll hit tick and there I am. My happy face! When you have the sections looking how you’d like them to, you can go up to here and hit publish. Be aware it takes a couple of minutes for the changes. How to add Quick-Video-Offers/ to come through to your channel home page. But this is how my channel is looking now. Look at it!

That’s lovely and that’s nice:  if there’s only one video in the playlist, it’s giving it the full row to that video,  so that’s great. So what do you think? Leave a comment below, it’d be lovely to hear from you and if you’re feeling even kinder why not give me a thumbs up just to let me know somebody reached this point of the Quick-Video-Offers/And right here is what YouTube thinks you should be watching next.


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