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hey folks joel therien here and I’m super excited to have you on this page welcome to the fiber challenge how would you like to lose up to 30 pounds in 30 days how would you like to have more energy and if you’re diabetic control your blood sugar and also lower your bad cholesterol it’s a no-brainer right well I want to just demonstrate something for you just give me one minute of your time because you’ve probably never heard about this but it’s gonna change your life forever literally lose up to 30 pounds in 30 days lower your bad cholesterol increase your energy and stabilize your blood sugar with one simple trick every single day so the fiber challenge is free see these small little pills they’re very tiny if you can zoom up on that little pill the simple trick without dieting is I take five of these little pills three times a day once before each major meal before breakfast before lunch and before dinner so I’m actually going to take five of them now in real time with just water here three four five so they’re very tiny so I can take all five in one shot now I have to drink you have to drink about eight ounces of water right after and I’ll show you why there we go now the equivalent is if I took five of these capsules and put it in the water and wait about three to four minutes this is what it turns into this is dietary fiber this is our eliminate product so when you look at that literally this clear water from the beginning turns into this and it’s it’s gel like now it’s not this coagulated in your stomach okay imagine this our tablets actually bulk form to 50 times their regular size and that’s why the water went from water with five capsules in it to literally this when this bulk forms this is dietary fiber and today in today’s society ninety seven percent of you are five defficient imagine how less hungry you are when you have a product like this that bulk forms in your stomach so just imagine you swallow this that’s why you needed to drink the eight ounces of water after and over a three to four minute time period it actually bulk forms to this size now again because there’s hydrochloric acid in our stomach and other digestive enzymes it’s not quite like this look I can’t even get that out of there but imagine what that does for your appetite anything that you eat through the rest of the day is gonna take five times longer to digest why is that healthy well it longer it takes to digest your food the more stable your blood sugar is all day the more stable your blood sugar is all day the better energy and mental acuity and clarity you’re gonna have on top of that what fiber does is absolutely amazing when it gets into your liver it actually emulsifies with the bile salts of the of the pancreas and also of your gall bladder and the liver manufacturers both your good cholesterol your high density lipoproteins and your bad cholesterol what this amazing stuff does is it actually combines with the bad cholesterol and pulls it through your system and you actually excrete your bad cholesterol through your feces so it’s very heart-healthy in helping to lower cholesterol even better than that it’s 100% natural and that’s why you haven’t heard of it the pharmaceutical companies that want to put you on metformin for blood sugar and cholesterol lowering medications don’t want you to know about this because it’s all-natural and because it is all-natural you can’t patent it because you can’t patent it you can’t make money from it so there’s literally no long-term side effects the only side effect is you want to start slow because if you haven’t had fiber and we all need fiber in years you might feel a little bit bloated at first but that’s about it so welcome to the fiber challenge folks we guarantee that if you follow this system and create an account for free right now you can lose up to 30 pounds in 30 days and feel better than you ever have before so click on the link below create your free account because we want to collectively with all the people involved in the fiber challenge lose over thousand pounds so create your account now and I look forward to working with you in the members area as a fiber challenge member you

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