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Membership Profitable Business Model Member-Vio EditionMembership sites are a very good and very profitable business model. If you’ve ever hung out at an Internet marketing forum or spoken to other Internet marketers, you will realize that pretty much all of them consider membership sites to be a good thing. Become Authority In Any Niche They think it’s something that is wonderful, something that makes them money. And they do. A good membership site can make you an awful lot of money. You think about it. You have 100 members paying you, even, say, $10 a month. That’s $1000 a month from one site. So you can see, it’s very, very profitable. And some of these sites, you’ve got, say, a $50-a-month site with 100 members. That’s $5000 a month in your pocket. Now, that isn’t bad. That’s pretty much a full-time income for many people.

So, you can see, membership sites can very, very quickly become extremely profitable for you, and they’re certainly something that you should have in your business portfolio. Become Authority In Any Niche The real advantage of a membership site is that the buyer becomes actively involved in the sales process. In traditional sales, the buyer purchases, they download the product, and it’s “Bye-bye. See you later. We’ll never speak again.” You then market to them via email, and they may or may not get involved and open your emails or whatever.

With membership sites, though, the buyer becomes active, because they physically have to come to your site to get their product or their content or whatever it might be. If it’s a PLR membership site, once a month, or however often, they have to log in to your site to get their product. Become Authority In Any Niche If it’s a training program, they have to log in every week or whatever it might be to download the training materials.

Membership Profitable Business Model Member-Vio Edition

Now, this means that they are actively involved. They’re not just sitting there going, “Well, I’ve got a book, and it’s set on my hard drive. I’ll forget about it.” They have to come along every month, download the materials, and then use them. And of course, because they’re logging in to your site, you have the opportunity to market to them. They’re much more involved. They’re much more familiar with you, with who you are, and so on.

So, the basic principle of a membership site is a buyer joins a site, they become a member, and then you build your relationship with them as sort of an active buyer. So, that’s basically what it is. A membership site could be anything. It could be training materials. It could be a social networking group. It could be PLR. It could be absolutely anything. It doesn’t matter what it is. It could be anything at all, anything which lends itself to the material being delivered at intervals over a period of time.

Now, Become Authority In Any Niche you either have to pay a fee, and we’ll talk about the different types of fees later on, or they join for free. And again, we’ll talk about that in more depth. It depends upon the type of business model you’re operating as to whether they pay a fee, and if they do, how they pay it, or whether they become a free member.

It is an extremely popular and very, Become Authority In Any Niche very flexible model and one that, frankly, so many marketers are using and are really, really enjoying the benefits from. If you haven’t got any membership sites, then I’d really recommend you watch this video series and seriously consider adding some membership sites to your portfolio. They can provide you with a nice income.

Become Authority In Any Niche

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