Real Life Trick Shots 3 | Dude Perfect

Dude ideal a further hey Cory. You bought that pizza man certain do Spoon. Please Thanks man, howdy Codes, fries are capable Thanks man. I admire that I gotcha i am, going to typically just store that for later Add some weight. Will you cross me some paper? Bowls Yeah, I got you Thanks. Dude Have a excellent flight. Bro Thanks! Oh cheese, balls Love, these No Spoon, please. Why had been you now not keeping it? What’s up guys, Thanks for looking at, you probably have no longer heard about the DP Squad, make sure you click on the join button or the link in the description under there is so much golden goodness there. You don’t want to overlook out, As at all times make sure you hit the Subscribe button. Precise due to our acquaintances at Sam’s club for making this video feasible click on right here for a exact present on a Sam’s membership membership for Dude, perfect fans. And if you wish to see the final video click over right here, Signing off for now Pound. It Noggin See ya, .


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