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Hello, everyone Welcome back to my channel Lavendaire Today, I want to share with you a simple and fast self-exploration exercise Can help you understand yourself better and unlock more potential This is what i did last night I want to share this inspirational exercise again I have shared another version before, I will explain in detail later This version focuses more on the people you admire, love and respect And analyze why you love and respect them so much Where do you admire these idols Does not need to be a very famous person Can be real people around you Just write the name and analyze what qualities or characteristics Make you like this person so much You probably know that I’ve been hooked on watching Xiaolijia B & B on Netflix recently This is my favorite show now, it’s about Korean artist Lee Hyori Open your own home on Jeju Island to receive guests, a bit like Airbnb’s homestay She also has a little kitchen helper, who is also an IU of Korean artists I am still watching the first season, so it is IU Because of their personality, I really enjoy watching them interact That show really inspired me a lot.

As an artist, observe other artists and listen to their conversations So I watched this show crazy recently and also watched interviews about them Hope to know more about Xiaoli and IU I also understand why I like and respect them Because I see a lot of my own qualities in them The point of this exercise is: When you list all the people you admire Also find out what features make you appreciate them Next, it ’s time to review what you are writing You will also find that what you write is the trait you have No matter what you are practicing or what you value Or you want some hidden traits to be more visible Or in reality, what you want to live This exercise is really simple Because when you have someone you admire, you appreciate some of their qualities And these qualities are the qualities that your ideal character should have You think ideal people should have these qualities If you do n’t have these qualities yourself, you wo n’t find them So this exercise can help you use your clues to find your true self And inspire you more and better potential You have the potential to have these qualities you appreciate Because that’s deep in your heart When we went back to my diary last night, I talked about why I admire Hyori Because i like her free spirit She has the maturity of an artist and she started to stop caring too much Material or superficial things, she pays more attention to the soul and the psychological She usually does yoga She doesn’t care what other people think She is super confident She knows what she wants She also has a very strong personality So she has a very happy, happy and interesting look That’s why I like her so much These clues let me know, and I hope these qualities become more visible I can definitely be more confident, life can be happier and more fun Like these little things, write down anything you admire It is interesting that another girl IU has a very different personality But I can see myself in her I like her because she is very caring and friendly She is really a very nice person And I like her very humble look She is so humble and ordinary on the show that I ca n’t feel she is a big star But when you watch her singing video, she turns into a goddess So to me, a person can be so humble, but so talented Is a real artist, it ’s so cool, I really appreciate her At the same time, I also like IU’s quirky fashion style There was an episode that was fun when Xiaoli went shopping with IU IU always picks some ugly clothes, like strange styles and loose tops Not the type of clothes that typical Korean girls would find cute Hyori teased her style of picking clothes But I just like her belief in self-style Even though her style is very different from others She insisted on herself and was not afraid to be herself, so she bravely picked what she liked So I encourage you to do this simple exercise too Just analyze why you admire these people You can understand that you have these qualities And these qualities hope to be revealed more I have shared a similar exercise before You can also apply it to someone you admire I know many of you will envy some people on social media You see the lives of others, appreciate their photos and lifestyle You can also apply this exercise to these people Write down why you are attracted to these people, why you envy them This is also a great way to turn negative feelings into positive ones in life Understand what you are attracted to because you have the same thing These things are just reflected by others (Noisy car noise) Another interesting thing, you can try to make a personal inspiration mental map Put yourself in the middle and write down those People who have inspired or influenced you in your life Then you can draw people who inspired them to extend this picture.

This idea came from the “Creative Atlas” I made before I was exploring whether I would be a composer I made a map listing everyone who inspired me musically The composers and producers I want to be “I want to be a complex of who and who and who and who” This is a very interesting and visual way to list all the inspirations See which influencer complex you can be And how do you find the point that suits you in this creative map So let me know if these exercises can inspire you I also want to hear your answers 唷 Leave at least one person who inspires you, or who you admire or love in the comments below Try to list these reasons why you appreciate and like them so much I will know that these are the qualities you have Also, I have made this self-exploration form If you have n’t downloaded it, I put the link in the description box below There are many more videos or playlists related to self-discovery Alright, have a nice day Love you guys Huh!

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