Social Media Benefits for Your Business

Learn More about Your Customers

When did you last fill out a customer survey? Perhaps it has been months or years, like most people. Nowadays, getting information about consumers through this old method is not as effective as before. People avoid unsolicited messages sent by marketers. A better way to discover more about your customers without being intrusive is by means of social media.

You need to know the age, gender as well as the psychographics of your audience so you can create and share content that will target them. There are some ways to get more information from your audience. As a start, you can search through your followers.

Look through your list of followers to get some ideas about them. There are users that include useful information in their bios that are usually overlooked by social businesses.

Aside from demographics, consider the things that are shared by customers on social media. Some tweet links to the latest industry news. Others post their favorite quotes on Instagram. Since they share this type of content, they probably like it as well.

With this info, you can have a deeper insight about your customers and the things they like and dislike. In the past, you had to pay an exorbitant amount to send surveys and assemble focus groups. Now, with social media, everything is within your reach.

Know Your Customers’ Opinions

People feel free to share their opinions on these social networks. Social media allows you to get honest feedback from customers with regard to your brand, products and services. You can regularly check what they say about your business and resolve issues immediately, which is a great advantage.

Before, when customers were not satisfied with your products/services, they would leave and tell about it to their friends. They would never return. You not only lose potential customers, but also lose their referrals without your knowledge.

During these times of social media, when people are not happy with your products/services, they publicly Tweet about it. This can be embarrassing because others will know about their bad experiences. On the other hand, it wouldn’t help your business to disregard the feedback or respond in an inappropriate manner. Address customer problems and improve your business through social media.

If you monitor the things that are mentioned about your company on social media, you can address the issues in real time. This could prevent you from losing customers.

Engage with your Customers

Companies do not only read about the negative things that customers say. Social media breaks down the wall between customers and businesses. Now, people post pictures showing their favorite brands of products on Instagram, post messages on Facebook when they visit bars and restaurants, showing off their loyalty to the brand. When you have a business, user-generated content is among the best parts of using social media.

Whenever businesses promote their products/services, they turn out to be spammy. On the other hand, it is more real and effective when people view photos of their friends on Instagram or Facebook showing their love for a particular product or wearing a company shirt. According to studies, customer reviews are 12 x more trustworthy than the product descriptions provided by companies.

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