Social Media for Your Business in 2019

It’s 2017, and there is no time like the present to hit the ground running. As the New Year starts, it is important that you get everyone to know your business and to appreciate its value. Expansion and market penetration can only be achieved through self-promotion. Self-promotion can be a resourceful thing if done in a professional and consistent manner. It can help you reach demographics that you once thought could not be penetrated. One sure way to do this in 2017 is to use social media in the correct way. This requires that you use the tools at your disposal to better yourself and to achieve your maximum potential. Here are a few steps to get you going in the right direction.

1. Stop treating it as a hobby.

Yes, you probably have accounts that you post once in a while, and you consider yourself good at this sort of thing. It’s hard to manage a business and still find time to maintain an active profile on social media, not to mention the time and energy that go into interacting and answering clients or customers’ questions on various platforms. Trying to juggle your work and paying attention to what goes on literally every second would drive you up a wall. In our competitive market that is the wrong attitude to social media- if anyone could do it we would all be swimming in money from our daily posts. But unfortunately, advertising on social media will certainly flop if all you can offer is a half-hearted attempt. There is a solution for that:

2. Hire a social media manager.

Stop treating advertising on it as a side gig and hire yourself a person who is fully dedicated to managing your social media accounts daily and consistently. That is why it would be best to hire a person whose sole responsibility is pushing your brand name through the various social media platforms that you have. Their job will be:

  • to promote your brand consistently throughout the day
  • to answer questions from potential clients and customers
  • To maintain various accounts and to open accounts that target different customer bases.
  • To drive traffic to your website.
  • To push your product on different blogs for maximum exposure.

3. Target new markets

It’s important that you get out of your comfort zone and start paying more attention to different customer bases. Expansion can only happen if new client bases are tapped and social media can be that very tool that brings your business to the next lucrative stage. Different social media platforms may cater to different demographics, but by manipulating it and knowing how to communicate in that sphere, you can easily turn that penetration into flowing business revenue.

Ah, the beauty.

The beauty of this for your business is that once one customer is satisfied, the word spreads like wildfire and nothing, absolutely nothing can stop good business from trending.

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