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As you could have listened to, today there’s a huge discussion pertaining to the future of the internet. Some individuals suggest that the internet as we understand it is dying, which it’s most likely to be changed by a shut internet, experienced with specific applications like the mobile ones. Others argue that this won’t take place, and that the web will certainly continue to be open as well as available mostly using the browser, be it on a mobile phone or on a desktop computer.

Offered the rampant development of the mobile market and also of the shut app store eco-systems (mostly Apple’s and Google’s) it’s easy to see why many people think that the web as we understand is going to pass away. But can apps actually substitute all the internet has to supply?

I started thinking about it, and also I concerned the final thought that no, applications can’t replace all the internet needs to use. Much more specifically, there’s one key element of the web which I think is its greatest value and the hardest element to substitute: its open architecture based on hyperlinks.

We take it for granted, yet when you think of it you can see the immense power behind an open design based on links between the numerous components inside it. It basically develops an eco-system that is:

vibrant (i.e., frequently altering).
self-adjusting (i.e., the great stuff at some point increase to the top, and also vice-versa).
meritocratic (i.e., the better right stuff you develop, the even more benefits you’ll enjoy).

And also this eco-system ends up being an ideal platform to shop and accessibility details. For instance, think of Wikipedia without links. It wouldn’t be half as valuable, ideal?

Sure, closed and also independent applications are useful in a lot of cases, and they most likely are right here to remain, yet until someone creates a far better framework to arrange files as well as information the internet will certainly continue to be prevalent.

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