Stretch Breaks at Your Desk (2018)

The research is growing to tell us how bad prolonged sitting is for our health. Not only is it gonna cause us body aches and postural issues, but it can lead to some serious health problems in the future. We want to keep our bodies in motion; they were meant to move, so let’s keep them moving by trying this series of exercises at your desk. So first, this series is going to be mostly related to spine stretching. This is where we see the breakdown most often. So Brendan’s gonna sit forward, elbows on the table. He’s gonna press his chest down through to get a little extension through here, and then he’s gonna turn in a rotate one elbow up to get some muscle contraction back through here.

Good. Back, forward, pressing through, and then again rotating up, and rotating up. So that stretches the middle of the back. We’re then gonna try to stretch that lower back out by doing a seated pelvic tilt. So he’s gonna really try to slouch himself down around that lower back out, and then he’s gonna sit really tall to give that lower back an arch. This is gonna give us nice blood flow through the lower back, help things to get moving when we’ve been stuck in one place for a long time. He’s then gonna go ahead and do a couple sit to stands.

We’ll say somewhere between five and ten. Just enough to get your blood pumping through your heart, get your lower body warm, and then from there he’s gonna try to open up the front of the hip. When we’ve been sitting for a long time we get really tight through the front. We’re gonna have him take a big step forward. He is opening up and then reaching over to get all of that tissue extended out. A couple times to each side, and now he’s ready to sit back down and get back to work.

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