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Trick To Stuffing A Burger

My trick to stuffing a burger with cheese in this case I guess can work with anything we get into all that and we’re using a pimento cheese today I’ll say what that is in just a second then at the end of the video also keep it here pretty cool teaser for a video from Thrillist that’s y’all check out so what is a pimento no it doesn’t they’re actually these things are stuff inside of olives they’re not part of the album a pimento is really just a cherry pepper it’s a little sweeter maybe than a red bell pepper and you find them and we usually find them jarred small jars of the diced up tomato and they’re soft so it’s not like using a fresh chopped red pepper and around where I am I’m in Charleston South Carolina pimento cheese is kind of common here it’s like the caviar of the south actually

Yes siree trick to stuffing a burger I love good pimento cheese with a pretzel but in this case we’re going to be stuffing it inside a burger here the recipe for pimento cheese is pretty simple you got the pimentos and I just use the shredded cheddar you buy in this grocery store so Mayo a lot of cream cheese and you can make it hot with cayenne you want to get all the details with spices I put the recipe on the blog [Music] a brick of cream cheese and essentially this is about how much it makes and the kind of the trick to stuffing a burger is you get the cheese done first I roll it up in parchment paper like you’re seeing here make it easier to handle because I’m going to be slicing it into discs so then you take the cheesy to freeze it doesn’t have to be rock-hard but pretty hard and then while it’s chilling and getting cold work

Ok trick to stuffing a burger with the ground beef and make yourself simple hamburger patty [Music] here’s the trick to stuffing first off a basic 80/20 ground beef take a fistful the hamburger meat and I found like this mick ultra pan was just about the right size a smaller than a 12 ounce can and just make a little divot in your burger so you’re making hamburger cups and try and work them just the right size you don’t want too thin because you don’t want the cheese oozing out and the trick will be we’re going to take the cold cheese and just place it inside these cups of hamburger meat you also want to work with the hamburger meat being really cold the whole time just makes it easier you want to aim for making a uniform size patty and at least

You know when you’re cooking these that the inside is cheese it’s already cooked but you want to be warm through it’s the outside of the meat that that you want to cook to temperature in the case of beef 160 degrees 155 if you do it right you may see a little cheese oozing out here and there but really that’s okay it looks great the pimento stuffed burger you can do it with any sort of cheese as well just get the right size to insert inside your trick to stuffing a burger cup that’s it stuffed hamburgers with cheese the one thing I’ve never really tried and now I’ve got to try it is dry aging steaks and meat you got to see this new video from my friends over at Thrillist where dave takes a deep dive along with New York City steak houses on how they dry-aged their meat take a look now it’s at Thrill

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Trick To Stuffing A Burger

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