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Call To Action

Call to action – – There is a call-to action button found on every page. Usually, the button is not there so you need to set it when doing a page configuration. You may choose to direct your visitors to any page that you please on your site, such as a sign up form, download page, or sales page.

Discussion call to action – Comments are an enthralling part of any Facebook update. As such call to action, you need to encourage people to discuss by way of questions or commenting. This is something that you should try as much as you can to encourage. You can then try some controversy to entice people to join the discussion.

Engagement – Engagement is very important on Facebook. Usually, the Facebook algorithm only shows any posts that you make to a very small part of the fans and this is usually the default. It is important to have a great organic reach by creating updates that are engaging. You should be able to incite people to react to the posts, commenting, clicking on links, and even sharing. This is because when fans engage with the updates, it means more people are able to see them.

Frequency  call to action РThis statistic is very important, even though it is highly unappreciated. It is often found on the ad manager. Usually, it will tell you just how many times the targeted users have seen the ads you have posted. The frequency should not be too low because it may not be seen by enough people yet. The frequency should also not be too high either because it may end up being seen by the same people over and over again. You should make some changes if the frequency is above five and you should never let it go above ten.

Gratitude  call to action РIf you notice that your followers or fans are engaging with you and your content, it is important to try to appreciate them in the best way possible. These people took time to write and respond in one way or the other. Something as simple as an emoji can go a long way in showing your gratitude. You will notice that Facebook will usually have a visible metric on the response rate of a page. When the response rate is at 90 percent, you may get a badge and this will make people confident about you and what you do.


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Call To Action

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