The Best Core Exercise From Bed

oh all right you know sometimes you just want to stay in bed all day long but you don’t want to feel lazy well I’m gonna show you a core exercise you can do literally from your bed every day either first thing in the morning or right before you go to bed I’m also going to show you a couple different variations of it to make sure that you have beginner intermediate and advanced versions all right so to start out with the reason why you should be doing these exercises is because they activate your core much better than if you’re doing exercises like sit-ups and crunches you see sit-ups and crunches you have to bend your spine forward and backwards and what that does is it can compress your disks and when your disks get compressed it can cause nerve damage and even cause disk herniation so I don’t recommend those exercises and I do recommend exercises like the one I’m about to show you that you can literally do from your bed okay so this exercise is called a reverse crunch and while you might have seen it before I’m gonna show you in an immense amount of detail to make sure you’re doing it with perfect form okay so when you wake up in the morning or right before you go to bed just lay down in bed you can have a pillow or no pillow it doesn’t really matter take both of your hands with the thumbs facing each other and put them underneath your tailbone so what you’re trying to do is create a diamond like this and that diamond is gonna go right underneath your tailbone like that okay from there you’re gonna press your lower back into the ground so you’re trying to smush the mattress down as hard as you can right here the entire time what you’ll notice is the moment you start smashing down it’s going to give you an immediate core activation what you want to avoid as you do this exercise is your back lifting up like this so if there’s a little bit of space right here in your lower back that’s not good push down through your lower back the entire time okay so hands as a diamond under your tailbone push your lower back into the ground relax your head don’t crunch your face up like this because then you’ll be using your neck muscles relax your head and then lift your knees up like this from there come tap your heels to the bottom and back up real slow tap your heels don’t rest at the bottom just touch and then come back up and the whole time think about pressing that lower back into the ground and you’re gonna start to feel your abs working really hard and the goal for this is you want to get to the point where when you tap your heels you’re feel your abs shaking a little bit you feel a little bit of a pulsation like that what that tells me is that all of your abdominal muscles not just the front abdominal muscles are working to stabilize your core and that’s triggered by pressing that lower back into the ground now if this is too hard for you all you have to do is put that diamond underneath your tailbone press your lower back into the ground and then just lower your feet until you start to shake a little bit and then hold as long as you can while still pressing your lower back in the ground when you start to lose that lower back spot then just drop your feet and rest and you can repeat that a few different times if you can do full reps then just do three or so sets of about 10 reps nice and slow and once it gets even easier for you what you can do is start to straighten your legs so I’ll show you that so Dimond underneath your tailbone press your lower back on the ground and then straighten your legs you can have a slight Bend initially tap the heels down right above the ground and then bring them back up and then once you get really strong you can straighten your legs you can take your arms out from under your tailbone you can even put your arms over your head come down right above the bed pressing the lower back into the ground the entire time keeping the heels right above and then come back up and squeeze your stomach muscles at the top alright so there is a very simple core exercise that you can literally do from your bed like I said three sets of ten if you’re doing full reps or if you have to you can basically do holds with the knees bent coming down as far as you feel comfortable now while these are some really great core exercises that do activate your core and protect your spine the best way to find out the best and worst core exercises for your individual body type is to take our free core type quiz so I put a link that you can click on to take this free core type quiz and based on your age gender posture and innate body shape we’re going to share with you the worst core exercises and the best core exercises so thank you so much for watching this video I hope you enjoy the best quarter size from your bed and I’ll see you in the next one

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