Top 5 Best Online Classrooms: AWWAPP Free whiteboard

It doesn’t matter whether you’re working individually or as part of a team—an online whiteboard can help you jot down and organize your ideas faster. With templates, freehand drawing, sticky notes, and other intuitive features, you can easily participate in a variety of creative brainstorming activities. Our infinite canvas lets you and your collaborators spread out over different areas of the board so everyone has enough space to present their ideas.

Collaboration board Work together as a team in real-time, wherever you are.

With Lucidspark, you and your team will feel like you’re collaborating in the same room—even when you’re working across time zones. Use chat to communicate directly with collaborators on your board and @mention stakeholders to quickly get their attention for feedback and approval. You can even follow a collaborator to see what updates they make to your whiteboard and drop an emoji reaction to let them know what you think.

Virtual whiteboard Give shape to your ideas with assisted grouping and containers.

Our digital whiteboard takes you a step beyond basic ideation by helping you organize and synthesize information. Use assisted grouping to gather similar ideas together or use tags to label and organize different items based on whatever identifier you choose. With containers for shapes and sticky notes, you can ensure that your ideas are as clearly visualized on your whiteboard as they are in your head.

Surface your team’s best ideas and take action visual whiteboard.

No other whiteboard software lets you highlight your team’s best ideas and reach consensus faster than Lucidspark. Decide which ideas to take action on by inviting participants to a group vote directly within your Lucidspark board. Switch to voting mode, time your vote, and provide your participants with a visualization of voting results so you and your team can make unified decisions based on what your group wants and needs most.

Integrate with popular apps to enhance your workflow online whiteboard software.

Our powerful integrations help you maximize your productivity and creativity by keeping your online whiteboard connected to the apps you already know and love. Use our Slack integration to share your board in the channel of your choice, or take advantage of our Google Drive integration to access, edit, and share your boards. Lucidspark is also completely integrated with Lucidchart, creating a complete, fully-functional suite of products to help you visualize, plan, collaborate, and more.

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