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okay guys the first exercise we’re going to do we need to grab you up holding the bar like so just going to show you side on and you go down into a squat position and arch our backs okay cool you like to set your clocks to 30 seconds grab your bar and get flexing all right Jase if you bend your knees arch your back bow forward does it get nice and low and pushing out from there 3 is a great exercise guys for the glutes and lower back that’s it guys take control of the bar then let it try and lead you you will feel really wobbly so wear these core muscles are working very very hard to keep you in this position and stop you from falling over okay 10 seconds left it seems nice and low that’s it keep it in that position five more seconds let’s get your head down and everyone relax and tastic good job morning well done and keeping it in this position here we’re going to go back into a lunge position and we’re going to go down come up and change to the other leg and back up I just showed up from the side okay let’s go and you go from around about eight repetitions each side guys and over if your legs start to fatigue they have to go as low just take it nice and slow and controlled looking for good technique see you notice here Jo has the bar just slightly in front of him so you can see at all times it’s not too far behind or too low can we get nice and in between roundabouts where he’s put it now okay it’s nice and low guys as low as we can kid sees that grip feel alright let’s see why it’s okay great so guys the key thing is just fine more s where you’re happy on the bar so if it’s all a guy I’d say probably a little bit wider or fear of it shorter come a little bit narrower that’s it’s this all right out for those legs burning good it’s a few more reps guys okay great hold on okay down onto the mat and then really work those glutes and hamstrings on this one so keeping one foot flat down lifting you have one nice and straight we’re gonna push through the right foot there’s no pelvis off the floor we’re gonna slightly sit up to engage the ABS we’re gonna flex from this position here all right Susan let’s get that one oh well okay guys I’m gonna go for 30 seconds on each leg I’m getting it away okay okay it’s the Flex off you ready says yep make sure you be in this week all right let’s go so just bring your head up for me a little bit so we get the ABS going as well that’s it there you go when we bring the head up guys too close to the origin the surgeon come together in which the abdominals contract excellent Jay that’s it so just slightly off the ground there working ABS working hamstrings working the glutes a lot going on here obviously on one leg so working with the core muscles as well operations going through asked a few more seconds Jay and that’s you sir good job I’ve done everyone fantastic I’d like to change legs keeping the same grip is changing legs okay so push through your right foot and if your pelvis off me come up slightly to get the abs engaged and shaking from it yeah fit right yeah how’s the leg it’s great pitch up I’m just gonna observe to just go chat away or I I say let’s see who’s winning this Jill guys five more seconds left ahem relax that’s smoking KITT well done fantastic everyone good work we’re gonna go into this position here so slight bend in the knees bow forward keeping the chest upright we’re gonna go to here alright says Jay okay everyone grab your bar set your clock to thirty seconds that’s it keeping the chest kind of parallel to the floor and a nice alignment here she can start little gentle steps that’s it’s a slight bend in the knee you guys gonna feel that for your legs as well not to mention your chest and back muscles as well specifically the lower back area is really working hard in this movement Excellencies let’s see it going from there you’re starting to feel that in your lower back you can come back upright a little bit more but a remaining ten seconds ten seconds left now guys excellent Caesar give movement and five more seconds left a few more and that’s it fantastic good job everyone and we’re gonna go into a split stance position so one foot forward onto the toes at the back foot and in the bar forward we’re going to shake from there so make sure the bars to the sides you’re not gonna bang your knee I’m just going to show you this from square on as well okay grab your bars let’s give this one a while if you like to set your clocks to 30 seconds okay J so that’s it step forward so just make sure there’s a nice bit of separation here so you don’t hit yourself that one would be good flexing okay I’m gonna go for around about 30 seconds alright if you start Zeus that’s it excellent Suzy you got a little bit lower down for me there you go I knew you had more to go hustling me mm-hm excellent okay guys is gonna work the bicep back of the arm the tricep the front of the shoulder the deltoids also gonna get a bit of back involved not to mention the legs as well as the position you’re in it’s a good all-around upper and lower body exercise again hey guys over 10 seconds left all right J yeah good X let’s keep far and away and relaxed good job everyone okay guys so let’s reset your timers to thirty seconds I’m going to go to the other side all right so just keep a little bend in the elbow and the same as before that’s it nice and steady it might misbehave yourself a little to start off with guys do bear with it retain control as time goes on those core muscles get stronger there’s your timing gets better the bar will move more efficiently as shown in Exhibit A okay that’s it Jay it’s ten more seconds left to keep them nice and low for me really a great technique keeping nice and that right guys just a few more places to go and relax brilliant well done everyone that’s fantastic keeping with the bar we’re going to go into that stress a position that I’ve had a bad day position except we’re gonna go on to one legs real a great way to relieve stress plus working the front of the arm the back of the arm at the same time good exercise so onto one leg if you feel a little bit wobbly you can put your toe to the front to the back naturally we don’t want it to fall over so you do feel you’re overcompensating one side of the other do you put your foot down and you can continue with the feet together let’s try it on one leg okay alright J so if we go in someone Lex if you start to shake and then lift that foot off the floor it’s a slight bend in the front leg just keep it as upright as you can you will feel that you want to bow over to one side try and stay in control don’t let the bar control you try keep nice and that right knee over two toes at all times good job Jay did you feel a little bit wobbly you can also stick your arm up hello so’s and that help counteract that wobbliness okay five seconds left guys yeah hey hang in there and relax good job switch hands switch legs and go over to the other side that’s it J okay so this is slight Bend and left knee flex it away again if you’re over bubble wobble should I say you can put the foot down and lift your other arm up it’s it’s like to work nicely do you feel that in your arm yeah excellent okay joke up to ten more seconds left who’s in the zone today look at that excellent you weren’t asking for directions would you oh my hand just a few more seconds left and relax good job fantastic well done everyone good job JC’s well done I’m gonna go down onto the floor we depart on to all fours and then lift one arm flex like so he’s keeping good neutral spine position this movement lift the arm up and flex from here okay let’s give it a go okay J that’s it so going on to all fours keep him nice and low just bend at the elbow a little bit for me as well and really work the opposing arm as well as the arm flexing and that’s shaped for now 30 seconds guys it’s your first attempt to this so don’t get disheartened if the bar starts to go a little bit wobbly just take it nice and easy have a pause if you need to it’s a pretty difficult exercise this one so just lean into it a little bit more if you can come forward before when you feel you should secure you come down a little bit more as well so difficult one this and 10 seconds left hang in there guys keep flexing this is a difficult movement and free to one order make good job testing everyone how’d you fill that suit yeah yeah good stuff alright so keeping good posture we’re gonna raise the left arm this time out in front keep the head down neck relaxed bend your right elbow slightly the Latin yarn and let’s shake from there excellent stay in that position now guys you will feel that you want to come up and out the key just try to keep as flat as you possibly can because I say let’s keep it ticking over this is pure just lift up slightly for me a back that’s it it’s a state it’s ten more seconds left everyone let’s shake them out almost there and five seconds left brilliant J soldiering on to the end and relax good job and test it good work everyone those of you with low ceilings can drop down to your knees or those of you haven’t got low scenes can copy Suzy okay keep in this position it’s gonna shake up and down from here okay guys so if you set your clocks to 30 seconds and shake away okay J that’s it just in front of you again and let’s go from now it’s a real great back exercise for guys really working your mid and upper back let’s mention the back of your arms as well and even getting some shoulder in there as well eh-eh over to Suzie feelin alright if you want to get the lakes involved more Seuss bend the knees slightly sundar ten seconds left to go guys that’s it says Prince we’re really working the legs now last five seconds you’re gonna hang in there for me yep excellent few more shakes and relax brilliant well done everyone fantastic hey Jay you’re right down there buddy yeah okay hey get mad excellent okay guys you like to grab your vows and join me down in the map can do a little bit of work on the core they’re coming into this position here we’re gonna sit upright lift the leg and we’re gonna shake outwards okay you’re really gonna feel they’re here the outside of it glutes builder in your oblique side muscles here and also that arm as well so given me even this one guys we’re gonna go for around about thirty seconds each side okay if you like set your times to thirty seconds all right J that’s it so raising your leg up slightly really goes glute muscles fire clip mid and it’s shake for now excellente here yep absolutely yeah cause a lot of concentration this one so I’ll keep the conversation to a minimal on this one excellencies take out there ten more seconds left to go the leg starts the bone guides you can lower it slightly but do try and keep it there and relax and test it it’s it except your doctor spin round and I’m gonna go to the other side all right J ok says how does it keeping your leg up right and really fill in here guys working the arm as well and also working down the sights shake you like you mean it so that’s it she’s imagining this because I think on my neck okay that’s it excellent J nice and control could movement now you feel that any arm Bleek’s also the legs as well get a right leg up a little bit warming brilliant that’s it five more seconds left and relax and test it keep him down on the mat guys will keep you up up I’m gonna go in and do a crunch with one so holding the hands like so okay extend back and lift the legs come forward okay it’s really trying to crunch up as much as you can keep those legs as straight as you can as well guys okay Jeff run back to Henry petitions everyone all right see it I set to see straight legs okay so again guys subject your flexibility to keep your legs as straight as you can we’re gonna come up raise the bar towards the legs and back down don’t worry if you can’t get that far to raise the bar in the general direction of the legging they really feel that nice crunch in your apps that’s it we need limp from the ABS as much as you can when you come out it’s short in the apps when you come in testing good breathe in breathe out as you come out hold that’s it hold the bar for here six that’s a gear just a few more feet go all the way down full range no cheating and watching that’s it yeah and relax fantastic your job Susie well MJ great guys we’ll see you in a stretching area

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