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If you want to make money online, speed is vital. The faster you can navigate through the various sites, services, and software the more likely you are to succeed. So in this article I’m going to show you how to load and search websites quickly through your browser.

Step 1: Load The Site

We’ve got the Firefox browser open here and I’m going to press ctrl and l to focus the cursor into the address bar. This shortcut will certainly help to speed up your search as it means you don’t have to take your hand off the keyboard to move to the mouse.

Step 2: Bookmark The Site

We’ll load up the site YouTube and once it’s loaded, we’ll use another keyboard shortcut, ctrl and d to bring up the bookmark system in Firefox. Then we’ll click done to save the site in the bookmarks.

Step 3: Alter The Bookmark Properties

Now if you visit bookmarks and roll down to the foot you’ll see the YouTube bookmark. But that’s rather slow, so we’ll right click the YouTube bookmark and select properties from the menu that appears. You’ll see all the details that Firefox holds about this bookmark. What we want to do here is to enter a shortcut into the keyword field, and in this case the letters yt will do nicely.

To remind yourself of this shortcut you’ve just set up, it’s a good idea to enter [yt] at the start of the name field. So if you ever forget the shortcut you’ve created it will be there for you to check. Once you’ve done that click save.

Step 4: Test

What we’ll now do is move back to another site, such as Google to test that this has worked. Now we use ctrl and l to focus in the address bar, type yt and press enter. automatically appears. It’s taken the information from the keyword that you linked to the domain name and the site appears instantly.

Step 5: Advanced – Automatic Site Search

However, we can improve this even further. Say for example, that you wanted to open up YouTube and perform a search. So what we need to do is to find the search string first.

We’ll type: yt money24seven into YouTube and then in the address bar we can see the structure of the search string, which looks like this;

So we’ll highlight that and use ctrl and c to copy it, move back to the bookmarks, scroll down to the YouTube bookmark, right-click it, and select properties. In the field called location, we’ll delete the information, then use ctrl and v to paste in the search string. Then we need to look through the string for the search that we just performed, which was cars. We delete the word cars and we’ll replace it with a variable placeholder, which in these browsers is %s (the percentage site followed by the letter s). So we’ll click save then move away to another site to test our work.

Now as we searched for cars before we’ll keep the same theme and we’ll search YouTube for Aston Martin. So we use ctrl and l to focus on the address bar, then type;
yt Wilson Cowden Then we press enter and immediately appears and the search for Aston Martin has already been completed.

Step 6: Add More Websites

Over time you can use this technique to set up quick loading and searching of all the sites that you use on a regular basis. For example, I use GM for Gmail, TW for Twitter, FB for Facebook You can also add in advanced searches for various sites such as Google. You can set up the advanced search strings used by the search engine, for example, if you want to check a site to see how many other sites link to it, or to check how many pages from a specific site have been indexed.

So it’s really just a case of using your imagination to capitalize on the sites that you use on a regular basis. I hope that helps you to speed up your ability to load and search sites.