Video To Your Website Can Increase Lead Sales

Have you ever wondered why your website is not helping you make money? You might be confused especially if you see your competitor racking in hundreds and even thousands of dollars only to find out that their website is their lead generator. Well, it might have to do with how your website looks.

Dead, Static, Outdated

If you have your website up and running for a decade or so, then it is time to give it a facelift. Sites that contain mostly words or texts might be effective a few years back, but with people nowadays being too busy, reading tons of text is not their ideal way of looking for what they want. People prefer convenience, fast and easy methods where with just a click of their mouse they can obtain the information they need. That said, it is important to make your website’s content brief, concise and to the point. It would be best to put all the services that you offer in a bullet form so that visitors would be able to know upfront what you offer.

Another thing with old sites is that they are often hosted by old servers making their loading time slow. As people want information quickly, they will opt for your competitor which may have a better and faster loading time which may lead to increasing your website’s bouncing rate and decreasing your lead generation.

Responsive, Up-to-Date, Faster

To give your site a face lift, consider what your customers need. With the integration of smartphones with internet access, making your website responsive to different devices is the best way to start improving your site’s score(s). Another thing to help make your visitor stay is to make your website interactive and visually appealing. You can start by adding videos of your company, sliders in your headers and making the site clean and organized. You don’t have to actually pay to get these things done as there are tons of websites out there that offer free video or animation maker(s) that are user-friendly. You can just upload the images you want, write the things you want to convey to your customer and you’re done.

Adding a video not only gives the potential client a better idea of what your company is all about, but it also provides them the information or services they need in just 10 seconds or less thus making it easier for them to decide if your company is the right fit to meet their needs.

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