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Email marketing is like the mother of all marketing tactics when it comes to online marketing. It is said that the money is in the list. In fact, most gurus or successful marketer these days owns a list and a large one too. The bigger your list, the more subscriber you have meant the more money you stand to make. However, building a list isn’t the easiest thing in the world either and monetizing from a list is no easier as well.

Many people treat list building as just building a list of subscribers. However, if you want to make a profit out of your campaign, you must first realize that there is a huge difference between simply adding new people to your contact list and a campaign that constantly pulls sales and profits.

Now in order to create a successful email marketing campaign, one needs to be able to create a page that consistently pulls in subscribers automatically. Here are some great tips to follow to aid you to create a successful email marketing campaign.

Always Split test your opt-in forms.

This is not so popular now than it was back in the days where squeeze pages were allowed by Google. However, although the popularity is dwindling, the effectiveness of split testing, an opt-in page is still good. The main reason because it is becoming unpopular these days is because it takes a lot of time and effort to split-test just about anything.

But if you take a close look at successful marketers, you will find that most of them are actively testing every day. That kind of passion for details is what separates them from the failures, and this is exactly why you need to split test your opt-in pages as well. It’s one of the most powerful things any marketer can do to improve their campaigns.

Let me put it in another perspective for you. Nobody can guarantee a squeeze page will convert right after it was created. And most of the time, if it works right off the bat, chances are it’s a fluke. So by split test and constantly improving your squeeze page, you will be able to get more subscribers every time you send traffic. Hence be sure that the next time you want to start an email marketing campaign, split test it, and you will learn something valuable in doing so.

The good news is that most autoresponders these days come with a split-testing function so you will have very little excuse not to use split testing in your opt-in pages anymore.

Split tests your newsletter.

Once again, it’s split testing. However this time, you should split test the newsletters that you send out. The very first things you should split test in your emails are the headlines. What you want is a headline that will get your email opened. When you are able to find a headline that improves your email open rate, then you should be all means use that one.

The next thing which you will need to test is your email copy. What you are looking for is one that provides the most clicks. The email copy with the most clicks is the clear winner. Note that if you are looking forward to pre-sell your list instead of looking for more clicks then you should also test to see how well the conversion is later on

Using A Survey.

To greatly improve your email marketing campaigns, you need to constantly be trying to understand your subscribers. Before you try to sell anything, ask your subscribers if they wanted it or not using online surveys.

To start a survey you can easily go to your autoresponder and create one (if your autoresponder supports it) or uses a service such as Survey Monkey to create a survey that will automatically be tracked. It’s very easy to do, and it will give you valuable information you need to help you improve your campaigns. Always remember to keep your surveys simple, short, and easy to answer. Using “A or B options” are a great way to get responses.

Obviously, your customer’s feedback will prove to be very useful in both improving your existing campaigns and also your future campaigns as well.

List Scrubbing.

List scrubbing is when you cleanse your list and delete all unresponsive email contacts who are on your list. Doing this can improve your overall stats and also help improve your email delivery rate. If you do not scrub your lists often, then you will see that your list numbers and statistics going down gradually but surely with each passing mailing.

Hence always scrub your list for inactive contacts at least once every three months. This should be enough time to check and see if a subscriber is still interested in the emails that you send.

Building relationship.

Great practice for any email marketer is always to help your subscribers first before attempting to sell to them. Some email marketers treat their list as a money machine and are always sending offers after another. This is a very short-sighted view and is very bad for the long term.

When you are always trying to sell instead of providing value, your list’s effectiveness will be gone before long, and you will be left with no choice but an unresponsive list. This is why you should always try to help your list to improve their lives or fix their problems. If you are able to do, so they will trust and love you. Plus they will keep buying new stuff from you from time to time because they know that your stuff works.

When you have a large list and a great relationship with your list, that’s when you are successfully doing email marketing, and that’s when you truly see why the money is in the list.

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